For ages 27-45 - 8 days - 5 - 10 courses per year

Outward Bound Discovery course

Take time out from family, work and technology with the 8 day Discovery course.

You’ll spend time rediscovering yourself and your values, challenging ingrained limitations of what is possible.

Armed with a new understanding of self, you’ll then focus on your personal and professional goals.

Discovery is a compact Outward Bound experience – ideal if you’re short of time for the full 21 day programme.

It’s a high energy course with little downtime but still perfectly balanced for those looking for physical challenge and those seeking a reflective experience.


Open the photo gallery and get a feel for what you can experience.


Find out what the unique setting in and around Anakiwa is like for these activities.

Anakiwa, Queen Charlotte Sound

Frequently Asked Questions

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How fit should I be?

For this course you should be able to run or fast walk 3km in under 25 minutes. You should also be able to complete a full day of activities.

To help you boost your fitness and prepare for OB, download our quick guide.

simon graney


School Director

Is there a 21 day course for adults?

If you're looking for the complete Outward Bound experience, our 21 day Masters course is the one for you.

Many of our 8 day participants leave wishing they had more time at Anakiwa. Find out more about the Masters course.

Kelly Hamilton

Kelly Hamilton

Course Design Manager

Isn't Outward Bound just for teenagers?

More than three quarters of Outward Bound participants are over 18. Our courses are tailored for whichever phase you're at in life.

Our adult courses place heavy emphasis on re-energising, taking time out for yourself and breaking away from your routine - all things that we face a little later in life.



Training Manager

Bookings & fees

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