For ages 27+ - 21 days - 5 courses a year

Outward Bound Masters

Perfect for those looking to shake life up, the Masters course gives you the momentum to make a real change to your everyday.

Masters is the complete 21 day Outward Bound adventure for adults, with a strong focus on reflection and sharing life experiences with your peers.

If Outward Bound has been a long-held ambition or if you’ve reached a turning point in life, this is your chance to step out of your routine and invest in yourself.

Let go of your preconceived beliefs about your own ability and return home in control, ready to lead the life you want to live.


Open the photo gallery and get a feel for what you can experience.


Find out what the unique setting in and around Anakiwa is like for these activities.

Anakiwa, Queen Charlotte Sound

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of common questions & answers.
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How fit should I be for the course?

The fitter you are, the more you will get out of your course. For our standard 8 or 21 day courses, you will need to be able to run 3km in under 25 minutes and complete a full day of activities.

Check out our guide to getting fit and healthy for OB.

krishan kumar


Enrolments Advisor

What activities will I do?

You’ll experience a range of activities while on your course, kayaking, sailing, ropes course, rock climbing and tramping.

  • On the water - kayaking, sailing, canoeing
  • Up high - ropes course, rock climbing, abseiling,
  • In the bush - tramping, solo, camping
  • For your community - service projects, environmental
  • For you - goal setting, values, running
Catherine Kircher


Operations Manager

Isn't Outward Bound just for teenagers?

More than three quarters of Outward Bound participants are over 18. Our courses are tailored for whichever phase you're at in life.

Our adult courses place heavy emphasis on re-energising, taking time out for yourself and breaking away from your routine - all things that we face a little later in life.



Training Manager

How do I take the time out of work?

We understand it can be difficult to balance your commitments with a course. Try involving and engaging your employer in your Outward Bound programme. Explain what you'll get out of it and how your effectiveness at work should also improve.

For inspiration on how to manage taking time out of work, watch David's story.

Jayde Meach


Business Development Manager

Bookings & fees

Check out the availability for this course, when it's running, and what it'll cost.

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