Our organisation and governance

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Outward Bound is a not-for-profit Trust, established to create better people, better communities and a better world. Effective governance is therefore crucial to the ongoing viability and longevity of the organisation.


Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Read our Annual Reports, AGM Minutes and Financial Statements

Governance structure

Financial members of Outward Bound play an important part in our governance structure. Each year our membership base elects up to 30 members to our Members Council, whose role is to uphold the values of Outward Bound (including the ethos of Kurt Hahn). To help achieve this, our Council elects our Board.

Membership is classified as a charitable donation, and these donations are held in our Membership Scholarship Fund to financially support young people coming to Outward Bound. The financial year for annual memberships is 1 July to 30 June.


Outward Bound Board

Discovery course 27+ years & Discovery mature 40+ years

The Board of Directors is responsible for the ongoing financial viability and business management of the Trust, taking into account the ethos and values of Outward Bound. The Board of Directors is responsible for appointing the CEO, who is delegated with the responsibility for the overall management, leadership and ongoing viability of Outward Bound New Zealand. See the Outward Bound Board members.

Outward Bound Members Council

The Board is responsible to Outward Bound's Members Council to maintain the values and ethos of Outward Bound. Councillors are

Chair: Marina Adams

Deputy Chair:  Marissa Flowerday

Claire Anderson, Ginny Semens, Howie Barnes, Bonnie Bolton-Roger, Ross Browne, Shelley Clark, Pip Davidson, Grant Faber, Bill Day, Linda Gaskin, Andrew Gilmour, Tracey Hancock, Brandon McCarthy, Elizabeth McKee, Ian Moody, Tim Watts, Raewyn Kirkman, Ben Brown.

Are you a Council member? Access Members' page here.

Click here to read about the role of Members Council.


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Outward Bound Foundation

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Our Foundation is vital to securing Outward Bound's long-term financial viability. Income streams generated by these funds are applied to:

  • The provision of scholarships so that the Outward Bound experience is available to all New Zealanders irrespective of their individual circumstances.
  • Supporting capital projects undertaken by the Trust.
  • The provision of grants to support the operating expenditure of the Trust, such as the annual replacement of equipment.

Donations to the Foundation can be made via a lump sum or through a series of pledged payments, and can be targeted towards an area of the community that you may wish to support. These donations help us make the Outward Bound experience accessible to more New Zealanders, regardless of their background.

To find out more about donating to the Outward Bound Foundation, contact Funds Development Manager Karla Paotonu on 04 282 1421 or kpaotonu@outwardbound.co.nz

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