Our team and recruitment


The team at Outward Bound New Zealand are based in Wellington and beautiful Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds. Applications are now open for Outward Bound Instructors.

Job Vacancy 

Looking to take your career in a new direction? Then our Business Course Manager position might be right for you.  In this position you'll be responsible for managing and developing opportunities with existing and potential corporate clients across New Zealand. You will work closely with leading organisation's to assist them in identifying leadership and development training opportunities that can be met by Outward Bound's business courses. Apply here.

Wellington Team

Wellington is the home of our ‘administration’ hub. Our office on Queens Wharf houses our CEO, enrolments team, marketing, and finance and funding. We’re always here to help, so if you are local or visiting Wellington, please come in and see us!

The team:

Victor Klap: CEO
Diane Leyten: Finance & Funding Manager
Amanda Fogarty: Enrolments Manager
Katy Glenie: Marketing Manager
Sue Childs: Funding Advisor
Rachael Young: Funding Coordinator
Paula Farrand: Executive Assistant
Alyssa Boobyer:
Enrolments Advisor
Yorana Botello: Enrolments Advisor
Simone Harris:
 Enrolments Advisor
Petrina Smith: Enrolments Advisor


Anakiwa Team

WGN & Anakiwa
Anakiwa & Wellington staff at a shared organisational day in 2012.

Applications are now open for Outward Bound instructors - see below for details.
The school in Anakiwa is where the Outward Bound magic happens. The school sees at least 2,000 students a year, so there’s a large team to manage the intakes. Along with our course instructors, there a number of administration staff and nurses based at the school on a day to day basis. 

The team:

Rob MacLean: School Director
Jon Lasenby: Training Manager
Kelly Hamilton: Curriculum Manager 
Simon Graney: Safety Manager
Catherine Kircher: Operations Manager
Rowena Williams: Office Manager
Ruth Schaffer: Administrator
Donna Drusky: Medical Screener / Registered Nurse
Janine Ready: Medical Screener / RCp Nurse  

Instructor Profiles

The Outward Bound experience would be nothing without the instructors! To find out more about the amazing people that take our courses, click the stories below, or click here for more profiles.

Susana Scott - Instructor

25 November 2013

Susana Scott (SOOZ) shares her outdoor experiences, leading into her becoming and Outward Bound instructor! Read more

Dave Van der Gulik - Instructor

25 November 2013

Dave Van der Gulik, adventurer extraordinaire, fill us in on how he made is way to becoming an Outward Bound instructor! Read more

Instructor Recruitment

Our instructors are exceptional people. They come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are already outdoor instructors, teachers or guides, and some come to us for a change in career. Either way they have great life experience, and are able to deliver a programme of outdoor activities, and facilitate powerful learning that transfers back to real life.

There are opportunities for instructors to work a range of different programmes, from teenagers, to masters, tangata whenua to business leaders. Staff often develop their skills in particular areas and become expert at delivering specific courses.

Become an instructor:

Outward Bound seeks applications for the next staff selection course. Ideal applicants will: be passionate about working with people; have experience and skills for working in the outdoors;  have or be able to get instructing qualifications; and be able to inspire others to learn and grow.

The first step:

Download the application form: Instructor Application 2014 (This opens a PDF file and requires Adobe PDF Viewer). Read the requirements and complete the form. Applications are now open for our February 2015 intake. Applications close at 1600 on Sunday January 18th 2015, and successful applicants will be notified once applications have closed. 

For more information please contact Jon Lasenby: jlasenby@outwardbound.co.nz

Have I got enough experience?

We recommend you complete the Instructor Application form and summary of previous experience sheets. These are shown just above these questions. Send these to the training manager.

We will be happy to give you feedback once these are completed.  

Rob MacLean (School director)


School Director

Do you hire instructors from overseas?

We are currently exploring the possibility of hiring staff from overseas, as we believe there are a number of worthy candidates with great skills to offer.

In order to hire staff from overseas, we need to show New Zealand’s Immigration Department that we are unable to find a New Zealander to perform the same role. We also need to show that the overseas applicant has all the skills required to perform the role.
If you are an international applicant, and interested in applying to work for us, you will need to fulfil this criteria. You will also need to apply for a new 12-month work visa every year, as you will be expected to undertake a full three year contract with us here at Outward Bound.
Currently we have a need for instructors with skills in a number of outdoor activities, with an emphasis on sailing and instructing.



Training Manager

How many selection courses do you run each year?

We only run one selection course each year. The dates are advertised on our website and sent to our growing list of people interested in working for us.

If you are keen but our dates are not advertised, please make yourself known by contacting us now!



Training Manager

What is an instructors work schedule like?

You are contracted to work 200 days per year, including staff training (20 days). Typically you work 17 days of each 21 day course, you get 4 days off and at least 5 days off between courses.

You never work more than 9 days in a row. After working 5 courses you get 5-6 weeks off. This happens twice a year!

Catherine Kircher


Operations Manager

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