Outward Bound Stories

Our alumni, supporters, community partners, instructors... (well, basically anyone that has been involved with Outward Bound), all have a story to share!  Check them out below...

Inspirational Quotes

03 March 2015

Inspirational sayings, quotes and messages from people famous and not so famous. A chance to heed the collected wisdom of over fifty years of Outward Bound. Read more

Graeme Mead - Musings from 192 hours in Anakiwa

05 December 2014

In today’s society it’s not only difficult to find the time, but also the environment to reflect on life and discover your true identity. That’s why, when the opportunity arose for Graeme Mead to attend the Discovery Masters course, he grabbed it with both hands. Read more

Outward Bound Boosting Productivity and Leadership

07 October 2014

Did you know, by attending Outward Bound our students leave with not only new friends, but also an improved ability to succeed in their jobs, businesses and studies? Read more

Devon Kilkelly - Sir Roy McKenzie scholarship

06 October 2014

Take a moment to catch up with Devon Kilkelly. Devon received a Sir Roy McKenzie scholarship to attend the Mind, Body and Soul course as part of McKenzie Watch 595. Read more

Kim Froggatt

28 January 2014

Kim started working as an instructor here at Outward Bound in 2012, the outdoors had always been a really important part of her life. Read more

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