Outward Bound Stories

Our alumni, supporters, community partners, instructors... (well, basically anyone that has been involved with Outward Bound), all have a story to share!  Check them out below...

Sarah's story - two years on

17 August 2015

At Outward Bound, we give you the opportunity to write a letter to yourself during your solo - a time of intense reflection in perfect solitude. Sarah's letter is powerful, emotional and if you've ever wondered about taking up the OB challenge, be warned, Sarah's account will have you signed up in no time. Read more

Are you resilient?

04 August 2015

What is resilience and why do you need it? Grab our top tips for staying cool under pressure and boosting your determination. Read more

Inspirational Quotes

22 July 2015

Inspirational sayings, quotes and messages from people famous and not so famous. A chance to heed the collected wisdom of over fifty years of Outward Bound. Read more

Ten reasons to go Outward Bound in winter

06 July 2015

Crisp, sunny mornings, sensational wildlife and peaceful reflection. Read on to find out why the June-September months at Anakiwa are some of the best... Read more

Dr Libby's 5 Superfoods

28 April 2015

In this guest post, Dr Libby reveals 5 superfoods that have an undoubtable comparison between the visual makeup of these foods and the body part that is nutritionally benefited during consumption of these health snacks. Read more

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