Outward Bound Stories

Our alumni, supporters, community partners, instructors... (well, basically anyone that has been involved with Outward Bound), all have a story to share!  Check them out below...

11 things you'll soon learn at Outward Bound

28 April 2016

From the weird to the wonderful, find out what really goes down on an Outward Bound course Read more

3 things you'll get out of a Classic
(that you couldn't get anywhere else)

28 April 2016

Matt was the lucky winner of Hubbards' scholarship competition and last month embarked on his Classic course. Here, in his thank you letter to Hubbards, he shares his top 3 things he took away from his epic journey. Read more

The Leaps & Bounds Experience

22 April 2016

Mike and his 14-year-old daughter Emma embarked on a Leaps & Bounds adventure, the Outward Bound course for parents and teens. Read more

From waste to water

20 April 2016

If you’ve ever carried a poop bucket back from your solo camp to Anakiwa, you’ll know that caring for the environment is a big part of the Outward Bound experience. Read more about what we're doing to care for the land and water around the School. Read more

Perspectives on leadership

18 April 2016

Leadership isn't always about leading a team from the front. Read about the different experiences these watchmates have had of leadership at Anakiwa and the impact it's made on their day-to-day. Read more

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