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Find out more about how you can help make a real difference and change lives through Outward Bound.

How You Can Make A Difference

Leave a Legacy

A Bequest is a gift of money or assets that you bequeath (leave) behind in your will. By choosing the Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand Foundation, you are choosing to gift future generations with life-changing experiences and long-lasting self discoveries.

To learn more about a bequest and to download the bequest brochure and form click here.

Outward Bound Foundation

Our foundation is vital to securing Outward Bound's long term financial viability. Income streams generated by these funds are applied to: 

  • The provision of scholarships so that the Outward Bound experience is available to all New Zealanders irrespective of their individual circumstances.
  • Supporting capital projects undertaken by the Trust.
  • The provision of grants to support the operating expenditure of the Trust, such as the annual replacement of equipment.

We have significant flexibility in the way any donation to the foundation can be made accounted for. It can be made either via a lump sum or through a series of pledged payments. For donations in excess of $50,000, scholarships awarded from the income generated from the donation can be named in recognition of the donor and can be awarded annually through a nationwide application process or, if preferred, targeted to a specific region; and scholarships can also be targeted at specific groups such as lower socio economic, future leaders or disability groups.

Your donation can therefore be targeted towards any area of the community that you may wish to support. By making such a donation you are helping us make the Outward Bound experience accessible to more New Zealanders irrespective of their individual circumstances.

To make a donation click here.

A still, early morning at Anakiwa.


Financial members of Outward Bound play an important part in our governance structure. Each year our membership base elects up to 30 members to our Members Council, whose role is to ensure our Board continues to run Outward Bound under the ethos of Kurt Hahn.

Membership is classified as a charitable donation, and these donations are held in our Membership Scholarship Fund to financially support young people coming to Outward Bound. The financial year for annual memberships is 1 July to 30 June.

To access our governance page click here.

David Levene
Sir David Levene.

Sir David Levene - Patron

Supporting Outward Bound since 1962 as a donor, Trust Director, Foundation Trustee, and as current Patron has been, in reflection, very personal and satisfying. This involvement has provided the opportunity to help many young people turn around their lives and go on to achieve greatness in our communities.

The launch of the Outward Bound Foundation in 2001 has been instrumental in starting on the path to strong financial viability, and over the last 10 years the Foundation has provided support worth in excess of $1.5 million to over 750 young people, most of who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to experience Outward Bound.

Making a donation to the foundation will cost you no set up fee, and 100% of income is available for use as we do not charge any set up or ongoing administration fees.

It is encouraging to see support for Outward Bound continue to grow, and with your help we can continue to be that turning point in many young New Zealanders lives. By donating, whether by way of membership, setting up a scholarship scheme, or making a contribution to our Foundation, you can be assured Outward Bound will use your support for the maximum benefit of New Zealand youth.

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