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We remain dedicated to provide opportunities for all ethnic and socio economic communities and abilities. In addition to supporting the many young people who just need a small ‘hand up’ with their fundraising, we also work with schools and community partners to provide opportunities for their young people to come to Outward Bound, most of who would financially be unable to fund an Outward Bound experience.

30% of our course mix is provided by community partners, many of whom are fully funded. This equates to $1.5 million per annum.

Scholarship funding for our students is sourced from: Membership, gifting to our Foundation Pathway, donations received to our Outward Bound Supporters programme, scholarships set up by individuals and/or other organisations, specific donations received, and the Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand Foundation.

Set up a Scholarship

Many people wish to set up their own community related scholarship programme. It is best to do this in conjunction with Outward Bound as not only can there be tax benefits to donating the money directly to us, we may already be working with community groups that you may be able to link up with. Our Trust Management policies and procedures will protect any donation you wish to make for scholarships, until such time as the funding is required.

In 2009 I made the decision to 'pay it forward' by setting up a scholarship for young people to attend Outward Bound. Personal Savings, funds I raised while completing Ironman in 2009, and the proceeds from the sales of my memoir 'One Step At a Time'.

Claire Anderson

What is the value of the scholarship?

Often people think they need to provide a full scholarship, however, we believe that the recipient of any scholarship should contribute something towards their course. Although this might not be achievable in all cases, encouraging young people to fundraise can ensure their commitment. Many of our scholarship programmes are for $1,500-$2,500 only, or full scholarships sometimes are split between two or more recipients.

What is the profile of the recipient?

Do you have any criteria that you would like to add to the scholarship? We can assist you to define this profile should you need help with it.

Who will select the recipient?

We are often working with young people who could fit your criteria. If you wish to select your own recipient(s)please contact Diane Leyten, our Finance & Funding Manager on 04 495 1762 or email to discuss how we can help you to help others.


You can make a donation towards scholarships, gear rollovers or capital projects. We can protect your donation to ensure it is used for the purpose you wish. There are two options depending on the value of your donation, and how you would like us to use it.

to be fully expended within a specific timeframe

Donations of this classification are held in the Trust (under our Trust Management policies and procedures) until they are used. These funds are audited annually to ensure they have been used for the purpose they were gifted, and we can, if required, provide you with a balance on the fund periodically during the year.

to become a legacy

With only the income generated from investment being made available for use (generally for amounts exceeding $50,000). Donation of this classification are held in trust with the Foundation.

If you have any questions please contact Diane Leyten, Finance and Funding Manager or 04 495 1762.

Outward Bound Supporters

For 50 years now Outward Bound has changed the lives of over 54,000 New Zealanders - helping them reach their full potential through challenge and adventure in the outdoors.

All donations make a difference

We developed the Outward Bound Supporters Programme so that anyone can make a regular donation (the minimum donation is $5 per month). Combined together, these donations make a huge impact on the safety and quality of our courses, as well as providing opportunities for young people to attend Outward Bound.

You can specify how your regular donation is to be used, ie scholarships, safety and gear rollover or capital projects. At the end of the tax year we will send you a receipt for donation purposes, along with an outline as to how your donation has contributed to Outward Bound during the year.
Help us continue to be a turning point in people's lives by supporting our OB Supporters programme, this in turn ensuring our financial stability and independence.

Become an Outward Bound supporter

Step 1. Complete and submit our Outward Bound supporter form.

Step 2. Complete and return our customised automatic payment authority form- please send to Outward Bound, PO Box 25274, Panama Street, Wellington 6146 (we will forward it to your bank once we have registered it in our system)

For more information on becoming a regular supporter please contact Diane Leyten, Finance & Funding Manager on 044951762 or email

Our Foundation Pathway

With your gift of $140 your brick will become part of Outward Bound's Foundation Pathway. The pathway links the Watchhouses and helps students on their journey of personal development and self discovery. Help Outward Bound build a pathway for people from all walks of life.

Your donation covers the laying and engraving of your paving brick with your name or inspirational words of your choice. The remainder is held by the Outward Bound Foundation as a legacy for student scholarships.

Bricks are generally laid once a year with the close off each year on 30th June, being our year end.

For more information on purchasing a brick please contact Diane Leyten, Finance & Funding Manager on 04 4951762 or email

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