Our all new course that takes traditional mindfulness practices and blends them with the classic elements of an Outward Bound experience.

Inspirational, Professional

Wellbeing is designed to help adults who are seeking greater clarity – perhaps in times of challenge and transition – who need space to reflect on their lives or who want to learn or deepen a meditation practice – or who simply want to walk their own path more deeply.

Meet Maya Nova


Mindfulness trainer, mindful leadership consultant, speaker and coach

Maya is a mindfulness trainer, coach and speaker who works with people from all walks of life, to help them to regain clarity and balance and integrate mindfulness into their everyday life and work.

Maya has worked organizations, businesses and individuals to support them achieve productivity, well-being and happiness.

Maya has been learning and practicing mindfulness and meditation for 20 years, including being ordained as Buddhist nun for 2 years. Her passion is integrating mindfulness into life and creating energy, inspiration and presence to live life awake to each moment, as if each moment truly mattered.

Maya has a deep love of nature and has led several mindfulness in nature retreats in beautiful locations around NZ as well as been on several solo meditation retreats in nature both here and overseas. She is very excited to team up with OB to create a special mindful encounter with nature – the opportunity to deepen our awareness of ourselves, the environment and how it’s all connected to help us gain perspective, and find clarity and peace.

Why Wellbeing?

With the guidance of our expert facilitator Maya Nova and our world class instructors, this course will leave you more present, relaxed and aware of who you are and what unique gifts you have to offer the world – and help you feel ready to take on new paths or challenges in the real world.

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Key outcomes:

  • Perspective: Develop a conscious mind for thoughts and experiences. This will guide deliberate thoughts, beliefs and habits and support you to live in a less reactively and more responsively.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Learn the foundations of these two practices to increase Clarity and Focus in your life.
  • Compassion for Yourself and Others: Develop self-awareness and respect as well as working to understand those around you.
  • Resilience: Improve Mental, Emotional and Physical Strength and explore different ways of building courage to be in the world. Find inner peace and a sense of Wellbeing.
  • Values: Identify your personal Values and create a pathway towards living by them.
  • Connect with Nature: We will explore our presence in nature, to deepen our sense of belonging and connection through mindfulness practice.
  • Gain useful Tools and Strategies to remain present: Throughout the course you will experience 5 days of practicing these techniques and looking at ways to integrate them back into your life.