Break the Barrier

Let's make it happen. Whatever your personal barrier, we'll give you all the advice and encouragement you need to begin your Outward Bound adventure.

Over 55,000 people have overcome challenges to get to Outward Bound. See their stories:

Amber got stronger, fitter and overcame her fears to reach OB. Find out how.

Rosie raised her course fee through fundraising. Find out how.

Ollie worked on his fitness, diet and lifestyle to get to OB. Find out how.

David made space in his working commitments to get to OB. Find out how.

Joanna made time in her family life to reach OB. Find out how.

Whatever your barrier, we'll help you to break it

We'll support you to raise your course fee
  • Many participants fundraise towards their course fee
  • It's not as tough as you think - see how others have cracked it
  • Don't be afraid to make the ask of your community.

Check out our guide to fundraising

We'll help you to get fit and prepare
  • Breakdown your training plan into weekly goals
  • Grab a training buddy
  • Find an inspiring place to exercise.

Download our guide to improving your health and fitness for OB

We'll show you how it's possible to take time out
  • Let your boss know about all the transferable skills you'll gain
  • Talk to your family and ask for their support
  • Share your OB journey with your networks - help them to understand why it matters

Read our guide to getting support from your employer

Find a course for you

We have courses for all ages, backgrounds and abilities

I was initially nervous to ask my boss for time off to go to Outward Bound. But he supported me and saw the value of it both for me and the organisation. Those 21 days were an investment, which I know will pay off personally and professionally.


As a full time mum, leaving my son for the first time was a huge step. But with the support of my amazing family network, I was able to accept the Outward Bound challenge. I believe that taking the time out from my family commitments to invest in myself was one of the best decisions I ever made.


A year or so before Outward Bound, I had undergone hip surgery. I also had to lose some weight in preparation the course. When it got tough, I just kept in mind the reason I had applied - to push myself. No matter your starting point, you can improve your health and fitness to get to Outward Bound.


Do everything you can to get to Outward Bound - keep looking for new ideas to raise money and never ever give up! I guarantee you will come back a new person.