When businesses care, magic happens

In April as Covid-19 hit our shores, OB was facing a four-month closure and a very uncertain future. We reached out to our community for support and we were overwhelmed by the response. That support included three well known New Zealand family businesses Duncan NZ Venison, Tumu Group and Talley’s all who pledged their support to help strengthen our future.

Duncan NZ Venison

After learning that OB was facing significant difficulty due to the pandemic, Vinnie and Andrew Duncan of Duncan NZ Venison spoke with their team and decided to increase their support to include a year’s worth of venison for the 1600 plus students who come through OB each year.

A family-owned venison processing and marketing business established in 1990, Duncan NZ Venison has long committed to both industry sustainability and valued social responsibility. Through their ‘Feed the Future’ programme, Vinnie and Andrew Duncan have supported many individuals to attend Outward Bound, including Auckland secondary students on the Hiringa schools course, their own DNZ employees and DNZ scholarship recipients. 

CEO Andrew Duncan is an avid supporter of OB;

We believe that all young people in New Zealand should complete a course. All of our seven children have now done a course – as have Vinnie and I. The benefits are huge and Outward Bound plays an important role in New Zealand society.

It took me sitting in the dining room at Anakiwa enjoying a delicious meal prepared by Marcel when the penny finally dropped – we should also be supplying the school with venison! It is delicious, packed with protein, and low in fat. The perfect fuel for OB students.”

Duncan NZ Employees at OB


Duncan Venison is enjoyed by customers all around the world and now is available directly to your door in NZ.

With a percentage of all sales going towards the Feed the Future Programme, simply visit their online shop and use the code OB2020 at the checkout for a 15% discount. 

Duncan NZ Shop


Our call for help was also heard by John O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Tumu Group one of the largest independent suppliers of timber and associated products for the building and packaging industries.

Over the years many of Tumu’s staff have completed an OB course and John has seen first-hand their resilience increase and ability to find their true north. With COVID creating so much uncertainty and adversity in people’s lives, John and his team launched the Tumu Outward Bound scholarship programme. As John explains, it was a no-brainer:

“At Tumu we consider Outward Bound to be a training tāonga within Aotearoa. The programme has had a positive effect on many people’s lives developing good people into even better people, and with this benefiting our communities and country. It strengthens people’s mental and physical health and their ability to handle adversity as it arises. When we heard of the school closure, we simply knew we needed to ensure OB’s good work continues.”

You can read more about Tumu here to find out how they are working hard to build better communities and a better Aotearoa.

John O'Sullivan

Talley's New Zealand

Household name Talley’s New Zealand have created a scholarship programme to support people in their community to attend an Outward Bound course to develop their confidence and unlock their true potential regardless of their financial circumstances. This spirit of generosity and support is an essential part of Talley’s New Zealand ongoing commitment to strengthening communities.

"We’re excited to get behind Outward Bound to continue their longstanding endeavours towards empowering Kiwi’s to reach their full potential through outdoor challenge and adventure." - Milan Talley

Talley’s began as a small local fishing business over 80 years ago is now one of New Zealand’s largest food production and supply groups.