For those seeking clarity and mindfulness Duration 8 days

Our all new Wellbeing programme takes traditional mindfulness practices and blends them with the classic elements of an Outward Bound course. The course is designed to help adults who are seeking greater clarity – perhaps in times of challenge and transition – who need space to reflect on their lives or who want to learn or deepen a meditation practice – or who simply want to walk their own path more deeply. It will reconnect you with your true self, giving you more confidence and motivation than ever before.

The Wellbeing course is a perfect balance between physical challenge and mental strength. It taught me how to overcome personal barriers I had in both areas.

Zer Binn, Wellbeing student, May 2018



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2 Feb 2019 – 9 Feb 2019

$3,950 (pp incl GST)

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6 May 2019 – 13 May 2019

$3,950 (pp incl GST)

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With the guidance of our expert facilitation team made up of a mindfulness coach, world class instructors and our yoga expert, the Wellbeing programme offers a unique mix of classic Outward Bound outdoor challenges alongside workshops and activities designed to guide you to an understanding of the philosophy of mindfulness.

Over eight reflective and action packed days you can expect to be on the water, in the bush, up high, stretching out with yoga, marveling at the sunrise and in facilitation workshops that will focus on developing useful mindfulness tools for your every day life.

Topics of facilitation sessions may include:

-    Four pillars of mindfulness
-    Yoga
-    Connection to nature
-    Resilience in a modern world
-    Understanding your mind
-    Personal values awareness



Key outcomes of Wellbeing include:

  • Learning foundations of mindfulness and meditation
  • Greater personal clarity and focus
  • Improved mental,emotional and physical resilience
  • Improved interpersonal skill; develop active listening skills, have courageous conversations, and develop a growth mindset
  • The ability to be an active listening, have courageous conversations, and develop a growth mindset
  • A personal relationship with nature to deepen our sense of belonging, connection and presence through mindfulness practice
  • Realise clear personal values and how to live a life guided by them

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What you'll need

When you come to Outward Bound, there are items that you will need to bring with you and items that we will supply. As for the things that you need to bring - we encourage you to borrow as many items as you can, or buy second hand!

Check out our course gear list for a full run down and some hot tips on what to bring and what not to.

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Some of our commonly asked questions answered...

The minimum fitness requirement is to be able to either run or fast walk 3km in under 25 minutes. You do not have to be an experienced runner and will be supported by your peers and instructors during all activities. Running is only a small part of the programme.

Check out our guide to getting fit for Outward Bound.

No. All participants are required to meet the medical and physical requirements for the course, but there is no specific age limit.

Please note - this is for Professional, Women in Leadership and Wellbeing courses only.

You need to be able to swim and/or paddle in deep water and be comfortable with putting your head under water. During water based activities, you will be wearing a lifejacket.

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