Professional development for current and aspiring leaders of all ages and skill levels

Why choose outward bound for professional development?

In Anakiwa, we choose challenge over comfort; commitment over chit chat; outdoor splendor over stuffiness; how to think over what to think. We let you embrace the unknown, look risk in the eye and back yourself to succeed.

We are forging a new generation of leaders with resilience, adaptability, confidence and self awareness that the business world now needs.

Developed and delivered by expert instructors and facilitators, we deliver real changes, in real time, in real situations for application to real business challenges. This is professional learning that lasts a lifetime.

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Real situations with real consequences.

Learn to inspire, empower, coach and collaborate through a series of experiential challenges, with the mountains, bush and waterways of the Marlborough Sounds as your classroom.

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Our online coaching and support programme is intended to maximise the impact of your course learnings and assist you in embedding these skills back in your workplace.

Through collaboration with course peers, Managers and our expert facilitators, you can set goals, log achievements and track your progress.


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Through integrating the same unique learning outcomes we’ve delivered since 1962 with the latest in collaborative technology, students will emerge with the resilience, adaptability, confidence and self awareness needed in an epic leader.




Our Expert Facilitators

Greig with name



Greig's style is engaging and highly inspirational. His focus is on participants not just knowing key skills, but solidifying the best attitudes and approaches for high performance.     
Greig is also lead guide for a 40-day wilderness-based leadership programme, the author of three books on wilderness values and hunting adventures, and writes for NZ Wilderness Magazine and NZ Hunter (as hunter-philosopher!)

Tania with name


Tania’s areas of expertise include team development and group facilitation, leadership development, individual skills coaching, workplace problem solving, strategic HR consultancy, design and development of HR frameworks, employment relations and change management. She's the cream of the crop when it comes to facilitating goal setting, problem solving and team building. Tania says “a passion area of mine is about helping the different generations in the workplace value each other and work effectively together for more productive outcomes.”

Vic with name


Vic comes to Outward Bound with extensive experience facilitating leadership, coaching and mentoring workshops. One of his bigger projects has been working with the NZ Police, developing experiential learning experiences and introducing stress management. Vic is a keen sportsman who has impressively competed in Masters Games, Coast to Coast and Coromandel Classic. And he's not showing any signs of slowing down living by the motto, "you age because you stop playing."

Employees return from Outward Bound with high levels of initiative and confidence. They tend to make decisions faster and communicate much more extensively with people in the business.

Martin Deveraux | Mainfreight

I came to Outward Bound with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. It surpassed all of my expectations. I learned more about myself in these eight days than I have over the past ten years.

Doreen Hooper | BCITO