Ka Mahi Scholarship Application

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  • I am a New Zealand Citizen/Resident
  • I am aged between 18-26 years

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The scholarship application must be completed by the applicant. Outward Bound will contact you upon receipt of your application and applicants will be notified by email or phone within 30 days. By submitting your application, you accept the following terms and conditions;

  • You must be in the 18-26 years age range
  • Scholarship recipients are responsible for covering the cost of travel to/from Picton and completing an Outward Bound medical form with your doctor
  • As Outward Bound is a NZ charity, funding is only available to NZ residents and passport holders
  • Ka Mahi scholarship funding is restricted to certain courses and course dates
  • A post course letter, email or video is asked of successful applicant to share with our donors.