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Outward Bound is one of New Zealand's leading organisations for showing people their full potential through outdoor challenge and adventure.

We believe in experiential learning - or learning through doing. That means students take responsibility over the challenge ahead of them. Whether that's leading the way on an expedition or managing their team to complete a kayak journey.

Our focus lies in building transferable skill and attitudes that remain far beyond a participant's time with us. Lessons learnt are applicable to work, study, home - and they last for life.

Alysha's goal to clean up NZ

Inspirational, Life after OB, Champions

OB Champion Alysha has a goal to raise funds for Outward Bound by collecting 100,000 pieces of rubbish in 2019 across New Zealand's beaches, rivers, coasts, forests and public areas. Keep an eye on her progress here! Read more

Instructing the Instructors

News from Anakiwa, Instructors

Meg Ryan, current OB Course Design Manager and past OB instructor, shares with us what really goes on during staff training at Outward Bound NZ. And you’ll be happy to hear that yes, even OB instructors get scared! Read more


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