Farewell our Friend! - Outward Bound

Farewell our Friend!

After 17 years of feeding the mouths and filling the bellies of so many hungry Outward Bound students, it’s time to farewell our beloved Catering Manager Paul Hayde.

Being the Catering Manager for OB involves so much more than simply just cooking! OB can have up to 180 students rotating through it's dining hall at once, all needing three balanced and nutritional meals a day – not forgetting those with special dietary requirements, and staff and visitors too...

Paul has the enormous responsibility of ensuring our Anakiwa residents are energised for the challenges that await them, as well as satisfied at the end of their exhausting days. He also has to be across the preparation of ration packs for students heading out on expeditions – where weight and practicality is as important a consideration as basic "yumminess". On top of all of this, OB's remote location – 45 minutes away from the nearest supermarket – means forward planning is essential... there really is no room for error!

Needless to say, Paul has gone above and beyond for OB and our students during his time in Anakiwa. We often get great feedback about the food he and his team prepares and he will be sorely missed.

What keeps me going is the pure enjoyment of cooking for the masses. I love the feeling of putting a smile on their faces.

Paul Hayde Catering manager

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Did you know?
  • Being a chef since the tender age of 17, Paul has recently hit a massive milestone: surpassing 40 years in the industry.
  • Paul raised his family at Anakiwa, in fact his daughters grew up on-site. Both of them completed an Outward Bound course and one even works part-time for OB.

Anakiwa has a real community feel, and nowhere more so than in the dining room where we break bread together.

  • Paul's parents are Indian! He grew up having Sunday curries instead of Sunday roasts.
  • He’s no stranger to working in isolated areas - for 14 years, Paul owned a restaurant in Norfolk Island, where he plans on heading back to after he finishes up at OB.
  • He’s a fantastic artist and sculptor!

We’re sure a lot of you remember Paul from your course and probably would have had the pleasure of dining on his delicious culinary creations.

If you'd like to pass on a message of thanks, share a memory or simply wish Paul all the best, write your message below or email it to mywatchmates@outwardbound.co.nz and we’ll make sure it gets to him!

Let’s give Paul the send-off he deserves!