For Ages 18-26 Duration 21 days

The Classic course is the original and iconic Outward Bound experience, a perfect balance of adventure and reflection. You’ll take time to consider your personal values and work out what’s important. You’ll find a sense of belonging, leaving Anakiwa with new connections and with a better understanding of yourself and your relationship to the wider world.

Outward Bound has built up my resiliance to adversity. I feel very connected to people, myself and the natural environment. The course was challanging and rewarding both physically and mentally. Overall it has impacted my life significantly and has set me up for the future as I have learnt so much.

 Classic course student - April 2022

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2 Aug 2022 – 22 Aug 2022

$4,995 (incl. GST)

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30 Aug 2022 – 19 Sep 2022

$4,995 (incl. GST)

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5 Nov 2022 – 25 Nov 2022

$4,995 (incl. GST)

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2 Dec 2022 – 22 Dec 2022

$4,995 (incl. GST)

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6 Jan 2023 – 26 Jan 2023

$4,995 (incl. GST)

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3 Feb 2023 – 23 Feb 2023

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2 Mar 2023 – 22 Mar 2023

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4 May 2023 – 24 May 2023

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31 May 2023 – 20 Jun 2023

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We believe in today’s digital world, we often forget to “live in the moment.” By keeping each day’s programme a surprise, we hope you can be present in the now. Here’s a sample of what you might get up to on an 8 or 21 day course in Anakiwa. But don’t hold us to it!

Day 3

Morning PT session with a short run and dip in the ocean, breakfast in dining hall, school assembly, check-in with your watch. Bus to the Pelorus River and set off on a two-day kayak journey. Campfire dinner and overnight at kayak camp. Reflection session around the campfire.

Day 4

Breakfast and day two of your kayak expedition. Return to Anakiwa for dinner, a debrief and an unpack from the last two days. Workshop session discussing coping mechanisms to conquer fear and self-perceived limitations.

Day 5

PT session, sea dip and run; breakfast in the dining hall; watch house clean; assembly; prepare for high ropes session at the school. Afternoon activity learning about personal values. Dinner in dining hall. Assist dinner service, cooking and cleaning. Overnight in watch house.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Are you completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award? Select Outward Bound courses can be used to complete your Adventurous Journey section and/or Residential section. Find more information here.



All activities on our courses are designed to build transferable skills and attitudes.

The Classic course focuses on helping young adults build focus and perspective to decide on your future direction, at an age where change and decision making is really starting to come in to play.

Of our alumni..

Positive impact on life

Key outcomes of the Classic course are:

  •  New confidence to make fast and effective decisions
  •  Experience of leading and influencing
  •  Increased resilience and determination
  •  A calmer attitude and approach when under pressure
  •  Better relationship-building and communication skills
  •  A collaborative and team-based approach to challenges
  • Appreciation of diversity and the value of others around you
  • A better ability to deal with change







What you'll need

When you come to Outward Bound, there are items that you will need to bring with you and items that we will supply. As for the things that you need to bring - we encourage you to borrow as many items as you can, or buy second hand!

Check out our course gear list for a full run down and some hot tips on what to bring and what not to.

Gear list



Some of our commonly asked questions answered...

We keep you well fed with healthy and delicious food. This includes all meals and snacks.

Make sure you tell us about any dietary requirements when you enrol. If you request a particular diet we ask that you please consume the meals that have been specially prepared for you.

We can cater for vegetarians and vegans, for halal and kosher diets, and for gluten or dairy free diets. We may also be able to accommodate some other restrictions or specific allergies, but not all – for example we can’t do 100% peanut-free (or most other life-threatening allergies), paleo, low-carb, whole-food only diets. As we regularly use wheat flour in our kitchen we are unable to guarantee no traces of gluten. We are also unable to provide facilities for you to cook your own food.

In some cases we will suggest bringing your own snacks for when out on expeditions.

We strongly recommend that you do not start any new diet for your Outward Bound course. We also recommend against any optional diet that restricts your choices or energy intake – a course is busy and physically demanding, not the best time to cut down your fuel options!

The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy it! You must be able to comfortably run 3km in under 25 minutes, plus complete a full day's physical activity.

Our courses have a range of different fitness requirements, here are some of our most common queries: 

Discovery: Must run 3km in under 25 minutes without stopping. If you cannot do this, please look into our Discovery Low Impact course.

Discovery Low Impact: Walk a minimum of 2kms on uneven terrain and can comfortably climb a minimum of 5 flights of stairs.

Professional/Leaps and Bounds: Must run or fast walk 3km in under 25 minutes.

Check out our guide to getting fit and healthy for OB.

Depending on which course you choose, your group will be a mix of ages. Your watchmates will come from all over NZ, from a range of social and cultural backgrounds. Many find life-long friends at Outward Bound.

There will be up to 14 people in your group and you will have two Outward Bound instructors leading you through the activities. Our watches are mixed gender (unless specified).

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