Professional Courses - 5 days - Outward Bound

Professional Courses - 5 days

Why choose Outward Bound for professional development?

In Anakiwa, we choose challenge over comfort; commitment over chit chat; outdoor splendor over stuffiness; how to think over what to think. We let you embrace the unknown, look risk in the eye and back yourself to succeed.

We are forging a new generation of leaders with resilience, adaptability, confidence and self-awareness that the business world now needs.

Developed and delivered by expert instructors and facilitators, we deliver real changes, in real-time, in real situations for application to real business challenges. This is professional learning that lasts a lifetime.

Real situations with real consequences. Learn to inspire, empower, coach and collaborate through a series of experiential challenges, with the mountains, bush and waterways of the Marlborough Sounds as your classroom.


Through integrating the same unique learning outcomes we’ve delivered since 1962 with experts in professional development, students will emerge with the resilience, adaptability, confidence and self awareness needed in an epic leader.

Your facilitator will help you maximise the impact of your course learnings and assist you in embedding these skills back in your workplace through collaboration with course peers and your Manager.

Our expert facilitators

Tania with name2

Tania’s areas of expertise include team development and group facilitation, leadership development, individual skills coaching, workplace problem solving, strategic HR consultancy, design and development of HR frameworks, employment relations and change management. She's the cream of the crop when it comes to facilitating goal setting, problem solving and team building. Tania says “a passion area of mine is about helping the different generations in the workplace value each other and work effectively together for more productive outcomes.”

Kathy Tracey v2

Kathy joined our facilitation team in 2016, she describes the job as a lifelong ambition achieved! Professionally, Kathy is a highly qualified executive coach and leadership trainer with over 25 years experience. She owned and operated a successful leadership consultancy company in the Channel Islands for 17 years before selling up and moving back home to Wellington in 2015. Past students have described Kathy as insightful and knowledgeable with a huge sense of fun. As an ocean rower, she has first hand experience of how physical endurance and building resilience can change your thinking and your life.

Adam circle2


Adam specialises in uncovering human potential and building the capability of people and groups. Adam works as a coach, facilitator and designer across many settings, curating experiences that grow resilience awareness and clarity. Adam is a certified professional coach and public engagement practitioner and holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Otago University. Adam's strengths are in his ability to shape learning experiences for individuals and groups that broaden their thinking and perspectives.

Sarah Tocker circle

A well respected, all-round leadership specialist, Sarah has been working as a coach and facilitator for over a decade. She has a background in leadership development, systems leadership, culture and change, and is interested in helping organisations thrive in times of change and adaptation. Sarah works with people wanting to influence or lead well in complex or challenging situations, as well as those focused on making the good exceptional.

Sarah has completed postgraduate study in Education and Leadership and thinks about the application of this in the real world. Known as a straight-talker and for her ability to see the core issues, Sarah enables groups and individuals to work on these in a safe and meaningful way.

Jon Laseny circle

Jon brings a unique perspective to facilitating professional development at Outward Bound. He knows the Outward Bound process inside out having spent nine years between instructing and management roles at Anakiwa, and he works as a leadership and teamwork consultant to clients across private and public sectors in Aotearoa and overseas.

Jon's core beliefs about this mahi are: 1. Leadership is learned in action and reflection...not in a classroom 2. Personal development IS professional development because we "take ourselves to work" and 3. Great learning draws on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual resources. Tihei Mauri ora!

Dallis Parker circle

Dallis is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator across Australasia and is a former Outward Bound instructor. She brings with her a unique insider understanding of the OB experience alongside a strong focus on behavioural change and leadership development. 

Dallis is a lively, engaging person with the ability to build rapport with diverse audiences. She creates an environment where individuals feel psychologically safe, engaged and motivated to challenge themselves to do more and be more.

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