Mind Body Soul

For ages 16-18 Duration 21 days

Achieve anything you set your mind to with the Mind Body Soul course.

Whether that’s going to uni or polytech, taking on a leadership role at school or simply making new friends. You’ll leave this 21 day adventure fitter and stronger, with new social skills and more confidence in group situations.

Your action-packed adventure will reveal your true strengths and you’ll spend time with your instructor learning how to apply these skills to everyday life.

With a real sense of independence and a new positive mindset, you’ll be open to whatever challenge comes your way.

As well as being great for your CV, the Mind Body Soul course can also contribute towards your Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The feeling of mud on your skin, the cold water on your face, the hot sun on your back, the butterflies in your stomach, will never leave me and will forever be in my memories, with each and every experience helping to make me a better, stronger and more confident human being.

Nicholas Jarvie

Bookings & Fees

Price and available dates below

8 Apr 2018 – 28 Apr 2018

$4,349 (pp incl GST)

Spaces available

2 Jul 2018 – 22 Jul 2018

$4,349 (pp incl GST)

Spaces available

23 Sep 2018 – 13 Oct 2018

$4,349 (pp incl GST)

Spaces available

2 Dec 2018 – 22 Dec 2018

$4,349 (pp incl GST)

Spaces available

5 Jan 2019 – 25 Jan 2019

$4,349 (pp incl GST)

Spaces available

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Break the Barrier

Whatever your personal barrier, we'll give you all the advice you need to begin your adventure.

Amber got stronger, fitter and overcame her fears to reach OB. Find out how.

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Some of our commonly asked questions answered...

The fitter you are, the more you will get out of your course. For our standard 8 or 21 day courses, you will need to be able to run 3km in under 25 minutes and complete a full day of activities. Some other courses have varying fitness requirements (eg Aspire, Discovery, Leaps and Bounds, Navigator and Compass)
Check out our guide to getting fit and healthy for OB.

Letter writing is a great way to keep in touch during your course.

Your friends and family are welcome to send you letters as well. You can find Outward Bounds Anakiwa postal address here.

We will ask you to hand your mobile phone in at the start of your course so you can make the most of your experience and not get distracted. You can use our phone to make and receive calls in an emergency.

Yes our courses meet or exceed the requirements for Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award (DoE) at the Gold level.

This includes:

  • Residential Section (5 days 4 nights away from home)
  • Adventurous Journey Training
  • Adventurous Journey Practices

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