Writing Fundraising Letters - Outward Bound

Writing Fundraising Letters

Writing letters to community groups in your region, including Lions and Rotary, is a great way to get the ball rolling on fundraising for your Outward Bound course. Check out our top tips on how to approach potential funders.

Before putting pen to paper...

Most funders will want to see evidence that you have booked your course before they consider your request. It's advisable that you've therefore made a booking before your approach them for funding.

Before putting pen to paper you should also strongly consider why you want to go on a course and what you would like to get out of it. Be prepared with the following information - it will make it easier when you come to asking for support:

  • What an Outward Bound course is, what you hope to achieve and why you want to go.
  • When the course starts, the duration of the course and how much it costs.
  • Information about yourself such as your interests, cultural or community activities you are involved in, school or sporting achievements.
  • How much you can afford to put towards the course and the fundraising you have done or are planning to do before the course.
  • Any relevant personal references.

Writing a funding letter

Introduce yourself

Tell your potential funder about yourself including, name, age, the region you live in, who you live with and what you do e.g. student/work. Explain that you have enrolled on an Outward Bound course and are seeking funding support (enclose a copy of your registration letter to show that you are enrolled).

The course basics

Give more details about the specific course enrolled in e.g. name of course, date and duration of the course and how much it costs. You might like to mention that Outward Bound is all about personal development, with a mission to create ‘better people, better communities, and a better world.’ You could even include some fast facts from our research about the impact of an Outward Bound course.

The benefits to you and those around you

Explain why you want to go and how you, and your community, might benefit from your experience of attending Outward Bound. That might include gaining confidence to help you at school, challenging yourself to find your full potential or getting the push to help you take the next step at work.

Your fundraising efforts

Outline what you are doing to fundraise for your course and include the progress you have made so far. Be sure to include any planned fundraising activities that you have coming up and a little bit of detail about these activities. Here are some examples:

  • Every second Saturday I am doing a car wash at the local farmers market.
  • For a start I asked everybody that knew me from family, friends and workmates if they could give me an item out of their pantry, with all these goods, I made up two huge grocery hampers and sold raffles for them as a fundraiser. I raised about $400.00!
A word of thanks and next steps

Thank them for their time and consideration. Mention that you would be happy to come and speak with the club and learn more about the club and how you may be able to help in the future. Be sure to include your contact details and the best way to get in touch with you.

A winning formula

Click the link below to take a look at the sample letter written by Outward Bound alumni Ella when she was seeking funding support.

We're here to help with your fundraising. If you need guidance on the funding process or writing a letter contact us on 0800 688 427 or funding@outwardbound.co.nz

Writing a fundraising letter

Writing a fundraising letter

If you're writing letters to local clubs to support your fundraising, look no further for some inspiration. Written by one of our amazing alumni, it's full of great ideas for crafting your own fundraising letters. Read more