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About Outward Bound

Outward Bound is a non-profit organisation specialising in personal and professional development - our aim is to help create better people, better communities, and a better world. People of all ages, cultures, abilities, and backgrounds are welcome at Outward Bound.

Located in Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds, we help you reach your full potential through challenge in the outdoors. Our classrooms are the mountains, bush and waterways of this beautiful corner of New Zealand.

What is Outward Bound?

All Outward Bound courses are designed on these principles:

Learning Through Experience

Learn by doing! Learn more about yourself and others from challenge, success and failure, self reflection and feedback. All activities are designed to promote learning that can be transferred to home and work.

Adventure and Challenge

Our courses are based on real adventure. You will have experiences that are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. We will push your limits and help you conquer your fears!

Physical Activities in the Outdoors 

All activities involve situations where there are real consequences. Our highly skilled instructors deliver our courses, which will include activities such as: Sailing, Kayaking, High ropes, Rock climbing, Solo experience, Tramping, Physical training. You don’t need previous outdoors experience to participate.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Clearly maintained boundaries ensure physical and emotional safety. Supportive relationships and culture.

After Outward Bound my life took a completely different turn. I now believe I can choose and make my own destiny. 


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Our Kaupapa

Today Outward Bound New Zealand’s vision is “Better People. Better Communities. Better World.” We believe that by helping people understand their full potential we can help make our communities and the world a better place.

Ta Pae Tawhiti - Our Vision

Kia whanake ngā tangata.
Kia whanake ngā whānau.
Kia whanake te ao. 

Better People.
Better Communities.
Better World.


Te Aronga - Our Mission

We empower people to make life-changing journeys of self-discovery through shared adventures in te ao tūroa, the natural world.


Ngā Uara - Our Values

Wana/Passion: We are passionate about developing people and inspired to serve the needs of Aotearoa

Haepapa/Responsibility: We act with respect, courage and integrity. Together we give our personal best.

Aroha/Compassion: We are all interconnected. We nurture a safe and supportive environment.

Our commitment to being inclusive

Outward Bound New Zealand strives to provide an inclusive experience for all our participants and staff regardless of abilities, gender, ethnicity, or religion. We work proactively to ensure that Outward Bound is a place where all participants and staff feel welcome, supported, and celebrated.

Trax Seal of Approval

Outward Bound New Zealand is proud to display the Trax Seal of Approval - New Zealand’s benchmark of Adaptive Adventure Travel & Inclusive Tourism.

As an approved inclusive operator, we are committed to working with our students to tailor adventures to their abilities. To find out more about the inclusive tourism movement in New Zealand, head to makingtrax.co.nz.

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Pride Pledge

Outward Bound New Zealand affirms our commitment to all LGBTTQIAP+ (Rainbow) people having the freedom to be safe, visible, and included in all aspects of life and we will use our voice to actively support and celebrate our Rainbow communities, every day.

The Outward Bound Journey


Outward Bound is not a destination it’s a journey. Like every rewarding journey it’s full of challenges.

The experience of trying new things and being challenged builds confidence, resilience and helps develop new skills and behaviours.

Our research has shown that this has a positive and lasting effect on the lives of our participants.

To help explain this journey we've made a short video - click the play button and have a look! 


60 Years of Outward Bound NZ - The Story So Far

60 Years of Outward Bound NZ - The Story So Far

Since the first Outward Bound School was established in Wales, over 40 schools have been established in more than 30 countries worldwide. Outward Bound New Zealand has run courses at Anakiwa since 1962, touching the lives of over 70,000 participants. Read more


What's it really like?

There is no one way to easily describe an Outward Bound course, as the experience is unique to everyone who attends. This can make Outward Bound seem a little mysterious, especially as we don’t hand out a timetable for our courses. Without these boundaries and expectations, participants are able to ‘live in the moment’ and take each adventure as it comes – providing a richer outcome for participants.

Check out what our past students think about us

Here's a taster of what you can expect:

  • You’ll kick off each day very early in the morning
  • You’ll have maximum 14 participants in your group (watch) of similar age and 2 or 3 instructors.
  • You will have to hand your devices/technology in the moment you arrive.
  • You will experience a wide range of outdoor activities – kayaking, sailing, rock climbing, tramping, high-ropes.
  • You'll be asked to give everything a go - it's worth it!

 Classic Course student Courtney Durr shares her Outward Bound experience.

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