Catch us at an event near you! - Outward Bound

Catch us at an event near you!

News from Anakiwa

We've been out and about showing off our brand new virtual Outward Bound experience!

Our latest project involved six members of our Wellington team heading down to Anakiwa for three days to become the stars of our own virtual Outward Bound experience. Accompanied by a film crew from Wrestler and of course a handful of our finest instructors, we took on most of the classic Outward Bound activities to share with you in 360 virtual Outward Bound experience.

This involved some pretty high tech equipment, several outtakes and of course a lot of laughs!


Boat filming2

Rock filming2

Since it's completion, we've been out and about trying to get as many people as we can to check out our virtual experience. We started off by going to a couple Wellington events; Cigna Round the Bays and Wellington Dragon Boat Festival, and we're set to make our way around a few colleges and expos throughout the year.

Where to next?

You can find us at the NZ Careers Expo in Christchurch on 10th-12th May and Auckland on 24th-26 May. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and events coming up near you.


Dragon boat fun day2

Dragon boat fun day4

And here it is!

Make sure you scroll around and make the most of that 360 degree view!