Diary of a fundraiser - Outward Bound

Diary of a fundraiser


Fundraising towards an Outward Bound course isn't just for teens. Adults of all ages choose fundraising as an option to cover their course fees. Read watchmate Emma's notes on her fundraising journey.

Don't overthink the challenge ahead of you

Don't let lack of cash be a barrier to Outward Bound

28-year old Emma works full-time and chose to fundraise towards her 8-day Discovery course. Here is her story.
Working towards my goals

"I am so excited to be working towards embarking on my Outward Bound discovery course! Since the 1 January 2016 I decided to make my goal eventuate and complete an Outward Bound course although I never knew all the experiences I would face with fundraising before even starting the course.

I keep reminding myself of the goal I have had for many years to complete an Outward Bound course and I am finally working towards achieving this goal.

A problem shared...

Over the past three months I have explored many options of sources of funding to contribute to the cost of my course. At times I have felt a little overwhelmed with trying to make ongoing sales, requests and applications to gather the funds to enable me to attend. But I found that discussing my fundraising with different people motivated me to continue trying with different approaches.

fundraising idea

Selling chocolates and cookies is a great way to get the dollars coming in

Selling chocolates has turned out to be my biggest winner so far. I bought special fundraising packs of Cadbury at a cheaper rate, which gave me some profit towards my course. My boss allowed me to sell them at work and one of my friends took a box into her office too.

Every little helps

Selling belongings on Trademe, contributions from friends, family and local businesses, completing additional jobs and savings from my weekly wages helped me to push up the total. I've also written to my local Lions and Rotary Clubs in the hope that they will support me. In return, I've offered to help out with community projects and present to their members following my OB experience.  I'm proud to say I have fundraised and saved a total of $1,850. 

I am so excited to finally be going on this journey."

Thanks to the efforts that Emma put into her fundraising, Outward Bound supported her with the remaining $650 towards her course fee. She'll be embarking on her Discovery course later this year.