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Inspiring Alumni - Lisa Phillips

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Two years ago, at age 40, Christchurch based Lisa Phillips took part in the 8-day Aspire course - a low impact version of the Discovery course.

She shares with us her amazing journey; from a fear of water and being a non-runner, to having now completed multiple running events and discovering a whole new side of herself.

Positive change since Outward Bound

In March 2017 I turned 40. It was a milestone that made me realise I wanted to make a difference in my life.

So how did I do that? I completed an 8 day Aspire course in September 2017 to overcome my fears and push myself into challenges that I have never dreamt of doing. The Aspire course is a low impact version of the Discovery course and is aimed at people with a mild physical impairment. 

Before Outward Bound, I had a fear of water, due to childhood traumatic events and I was not a runner. So to get the ball rolling, I signed up to a six-week boot camp challenge to focus on my health and fitness and get myself in the right headspace before the course.

I did not know what to expect when I arrived in Anakiwa. That was the exciting thing about it as I pushed myself into every opportunity that was thrown at me and most of all overcame my fear of water with the support and encouragement of my watch and instructors. I knew I would not get the opportunity to do this again.

Being surrounded by people who were there for the same reasons motivated and inspired me. Every morning I went into the ocean with a life jacket on and dipped my head under the water. I learnt how to kayak and sail. It was scary, and many times I told myself I couldn’t do it, but the support of my watch helped me do it all. 

Another life-changing moment I had was on solo over two wet nights. I woke up feeling hungry and cold. It felt like a detox. I decided when I returned home, I wanted to push myself into more challenges and build my confidence up more and more.

When I got home, I signed up for swimming lessons at the King Swimming School and went twice a week. Each time I went, I built myself up with confidence and got stronger in my swimming lessons.

I am not a strong swimmer; however, I feel confident in the water, and that is what I wanted to overcome. I also signed up for running events and the gym.                                            

With the support of my loved ones, I signed up to run the Sydney half marathon. Again, I felt very nervous however I ran it in just over 3 hours and loved every minute of it especially the beautiful view. The fantastic feeling of crossing the finish and being awarded a medal was a great achievement for me.                             

Since then I’ve gone on to enter in many running events and I have a regular running partner. I post my fitness achievements on Facebook to motivate others and I have inspired many people as they start their journeys.

Not only have I found a love of running and keeping fit but I’m now mentally and emotionally stronger with a positive attitude that rubs off on others. I have removed the negative, toxic people in my life as well.

Last year I signed up to volunteer once a month at the hospital  Friends of the Emergency Department (FEDS) and I also volunteer out at Woodford Glen in the motorsport season working in the office. I’m growing more in my job as a Clinical Administrator and putting myself out there more.

Where I am today is all thanks to Outward Bound. If it wasn’t for that risk I took 2 years ago completing the Aspire course, all with the support of Scott Watch 633, I would not have found my passion – running. Thank you Outward Bound and Scott 633!


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