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Making learning last

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Business course alumnus James is a Risk Manager in the construction industry. Having recently undertaken a number of personal development activities, he shares his top tips for transferring your learning back to the workplace.

Making learning last

Experiential learning in action

Having recently returned from another incredibly inspiring, well-constructed, purpose-connecting leadership course, I am looking to find ways to apply the learning in a meaningful and sustainable way to my work.

The trouble is, despite the re-invigoration, emotional lift, and realisation of the extent of our personal potential these courses offer us, I have often found myself pretty emotionally exhausted and maybe burdened by that renewed sense of purpose and potential.

So, considering all this, I am developing a plan, to ensure that my Leadership Course inspired improvements are able to be put into action and continued sustainably.


Review sessions at Outward Bound help to embed your learning

Open and honest communication with my supervisor about my intentions

I am lucky to have a boss who is as excited about my professional development as I am…and potentially even more interested in me doing a good job now!  It is great to have a coach through the process.  This action also makes me more aware of my little successes and triumphs.

A personal plan

The facilitator inspired me to make sure that my goals and dreams are clear both professionally and privately and to make sure these are written down and referred to often.

I have found this inspires me to be better, to feel there is something I am building towards.  I have also found that instead of thinking of attainment goals, I am more focussing on what it ‘looks like’ and ‘feels like’, e.g. what does the James who is smashing through that boring task look like?  How does it feel to have nailed it?

Outdoor learning

The outdoor environment helps to make learning more memorable

Engage senior/strategic people at my company with my vision

It is no good having wonderful and exciting ideas if you are not socialising them with the people who can influence the outcomes.  It doesn’t hurt for them to see your enthusiasm, and it certainly helps you stick to task if you have built an expectation with somebody important.

Little challenges/celebrations/acknowledgements

I am going to look for little short term challenges that I can frame my work around.  Acknowledging these may help me to feel that I am making little achievements and learnings along the way. I hope to increase my satisfaction and sense of growth, living the 1% principle.

I often refer back to a favourite quote from NASA Apollo 13 Astronaut, Jim Lovell.  “Be thankful for your problems.  If they were less difficult, someone with less ability might have your job.”  Even our little boring tasks are a privilege for which we must be thankful.

I am hoping that above touch points will help me to feel better about seizing the opportunities that have come my way.