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Outward Bound Boosting Productivity and Leadership


Did you know, by attending Outward Bound our students leave with not only new friends, but also an improved ability to succeed in their jobs, businesses and studies?

Reubean Franks scales the rock face as part of his BETA course

Reubean Franks scales the rock face as part of his BETA course

As the Beachcomber departed Anakiwa on the 20th of September full of new OB Alumni, it also marked the conclusion of this year’s Built Environment Trading Alliance (BETA) course.

As part of our partnership with BETA, we bring together the country’s most promising apprentices and put them through their paces in a custom 21-day course.

This year’s course involved 28 of these talented apprentices who were split into two Watches - Kupe and Batten.

According to recent findings from a study commissioned by BETA and carried out by The Skills Organisation, these Alumni will be taking back valuable new skills and behaviours to their workplace.

The research approach was to observe the behaviours of apprentices following their return to the workplace after attending Outward Bound. It involved surveys and interviews with apprentices and employers, including participants from up to six years ago. 

Just some of the positive attributes found in these surveyed apprentices included boosted productivity, improved leadership skills and increased organisational loyalty.

Additionally, the findings also highlighted apprentices returned better able to supervise teams, having developed a greater openness, maturity and an ability to manage conflict and diverse opinion more effectively. They were more comfortable in situations where they may have previously struggled, such as talking to new or difficult people.

Employers observed apprentices emerging from the programme with better goal setting skills, a willingness to take on responsibility and an increased tenacity and maturity.


Outward Bound Anakiwa Tuesday 9th September 2014

Kupe watch test out their rowing skills on the BETA course.

The top apprentices among our 11 trades develop incredible amounts of growth during the Outward Bound courses we offer them.  We’re delighted that this experience leads to improved workplace performance and personal development.  The positives have a flow-on effect to their respective regions and to New Zealand as a whole.  We are incredibly proud to play our part in that.

 The Skills Organisation’s chief executive Garry Fissenden