Sarah Walker - BMX Silver Medal winner and Outward Bound alumna - Outward Bound

Sarah Walker - BMX Silver Medal winner and Outward Bound alumna

My Course, Life after OB

I started BMX in 1999, well before it was an Olympic sport. I absolutely loved it but was determined to play as many sports as I could and do well at school. As BMX became a bigger part of my life, it was announced as an Olympic sport for the 2008, Beijing Games.


Sarah proudly holding the kiwi flag.

I went on Outward Bound's Mind Body Soul Course knowing I wanted to be an Olympian but at that point, I was undecided whether I wanted to put my life on hold for it. I knew it would mean I would miss all the other sports that I did, and that it would effect my school work. I was afraid of the possibility I would fail if that was all I did.

Outward Bound didn't make the decision for me, but they did help with giving me the tools to make big life decisions a little clearer. It gave me the confidence to take the leap into the unknown. To take everything into consideration and to look at the big picture. It was with those tools that I made the life changing decision to become a full time BMX rider and chase my dream of becoming an Olympian. It took a lot of courage but it was well worth it!

I hope to help promote Outward Bound as a place where you are challenged. Not only physically, but mentally. To make decisions. To be afraid and do it anyway. For the people who can't experience Outward Bound for themselves, I hope to inspire them and show them that even though making some decisions can be scary, it's much better to have tried because those scary decisions can turn out to be pretty damn amazing if you just take that leap!