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The impact of Outward Bound in the workplace

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We strive to ensure that the learning you take from an OB course lasts a lifetime. OB Professional courses are much more than training days, they're an investment in your long-term professional development. Read on to find out what an Anakiwa experience can do for you in and outside of the workplace.

We spoke to 100 participants of Outward Bound Professional courses. Our goal was to find out if their OB experience has helped them to make any changes in the workplace. From becoming stronger leaders or better team players, more effective listeners or simply more open to new opportunities, many of the alumni have been transformed by their OB Professional course.

Here's what they had to say:
Working together

Outward Bound can help you to find your place in a team


OB has given me confidence - to convey ideas when dealing with individual staff, to work within a team and to work at a senior management level, which doesn't seem as daunting anymore.


     97% of alumni have stepped up to new opportunities at work thanks to OB.

     96% are now better at actively listening in order to understand others.

     96% have encouraged or motivated someone else to change their attitude or behaviour.

     89% have improved their ability to ask for feedback. 

     94% can now adapt their approach to individuals depending on their work styles

     93% now take time time reflect more regularly

     92% now adapt their leadership style to match the context

Top interview tips

Adapting your leadership style to suit the people and the situation is a valuable skill

When I got back from Outward Bound I carried a massive amount of positivity into the work place. I drew on my OB experience to motivate and encourage colleagues within my team to make good decisions quickly.


Taking the time to reflect on your own actions is a key part of professional and personal development

I've significantly improved my ability to take other people's working styles into account before delegating or requesting assistance on tasks.