Outward Bound instructors are equipped with the technical skills to keep students safe in our challenging learning environments, and the facilitation skills to ensure students attain long lasting positive outcomes. All new instructors undertake a year-long training and mentoring programme once they have begun their time at Outward Bound, and we are fortunate to attract some of the best outdoor education professionals in the business.

The best thing about my job as an Outward Bound Instructor - is working with people to help them find out that the only limitations are the ones they place on themselves. Once you overcome that you can achieve anything.

Meg Ryan

Instructor stories

The Outward Bound experience would be nothing without the instructors! To find out more about the amazing people that take our courses, click the stories below, or click here for more profiles.

Preparing for a big adventure

Preparing for a big adventure

Team OB have just set off on their big GODZone adventure, however the real adventure started well over 12 months ago for the team, or – one could argue – has been years in the making. Read more

Nick Williamson

Nick Williamson

Nick joined the OB team in September 2015. He came from a background in Primary School teaching and Adventure Racing, and is currently training to take on the massive GODZone Adventure Race next year. Read more

Instructor Recruitment

Our instructors are exceptional people. They come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are already outdoor instructors, teachers or guides, and some come to us for a change in career. Either way they have great life experience, and are able to deliver a programme of outdoor activities, and facilitate powerful learning that transfers back to real life.

There are opportunities for instructors to work a range of different programmes, from teenagers, to masters, tangata whenua to business leaders. Staff often develop their skills in particular areas and become expert at delivering specific courses.

Become an Instructor:

Ideal applicants are passionate about working with people, have experience and skills for working in the outdoors, have or are able to get instructing qualifications, and are able to inspire others to learn and grow.

Application forms

Instructor Application 2018 (This opens a PDF file and requires Adobe PDF Viewer).

The first step:

Applications for 2018 are welcome at any time of year as recruitment is an ongoing process. Applications for the January 2018 intake have closed, however a second intake may take place later in the year.

Instructor internships - Applications open

Do you want to become an Outward Bound instructor, but you need to brush up on a few skills? We are offering 4-6 instructor internships at our Anakiwa school.

You'll gain valuable experience while working alongside our amazing instructor team. 

We'll provide your food, accommodation, access to our equipment, and lots of time in the outdoors. 

You'll need a positive attitude, a full driving licence (including Class 2 if possible) and a passion for Outward Bound's work.

Fill in our instructor application form to apply for an internship.

Anyone wanting more information about getting work as an instructor, or advice about preparing for the selection process, please contact

Instructor FAQs


In order to hire staff from overseas, we need to show New Zealand’s Immigration Department that we are unable to find a New Zealander to perform the same role. We also need to show that the overseas applicant has all the skills required to perform the role.

If you are an international applicant, and interested in applying to work for us, you will need to fulfil this criteria. You will also need to apply for a new 12-month work visa every year, as you will be expected to undertake a full three year contract with us here at Outward Bound.

Currently we have a need for instructors with skills in a number of outdoor activities, with an emphasis on sailing and instructing - feel free to get in touch!

We generally run one selection course each year. The dates are advertised on our website here and sent to our growing list of people interested in working for us.

If you are keen to work at Outward Bound as an instructor, but our dates are not advertised on the website, please get in touch!

It's best to complete an Instructor Application Form and Summary of Previous Experience form, and send these to our training manager. You can find these here.

We're happy to give you feedback once we've received your information.

Generally you are contracted to work 200 days per year, including staff training (20 days). Typically you work 17 days of each 21 day course, you get 4 days off during course time and at least 5 days off between courses.

You don't work more than 9 days in a row. After working 5 courses you'll often get 5-6 weeks off, twice a year. 

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