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Funding your Outward Bound Course

Thinking about how to cover your course fee? Let us help you through the process! Check out the tips below, and contact us on 0800 688 927 or email

No need to pay all at once

After paying your $749 deposit, take advantage of our payment plan, allowing you to spread the cost of your course fee. Make payments of whatever amount you choose, as and when you have the funds available. You might also choose to set up a weekly automatic payment to pay the cost over time. Simply settle the balance 8 weeks before your course date.

Fundraising towards your course

A straightforward way to get to Outward Bound

Fundraising is one of the best ways to cover the cost of your course if you don’t have the full fee upfront.

Whether you’re 16 or 66, the fundraising option is open to all.

A family affair

Fundraising can help your family to feel more involved in your course. If you’re taking time out from family life to head to Anakiwa, making them your fundraising support crew can help them to connect to what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Get into the Outward Bound mindset

An ideal kick off to your Anakiwa experience, fundraising is a really satisfying way to achieve an Outward Bound course. It’s great preparation for the challenge ahead, getting you into the mindset of stepping out of your comfort zone and achieving goals.

Choose your fundraising activities

Use your skills

If you’re blessed with green fingers, offer your gardening services to neighbours via sites like Neighbourly. Got a creative eye? Sell your artwork or photos at a community market. Or if you’re a master baker, start selling your tasty creations at school or work.

By using your existing skills to bring in some funds for your course, you’ll enjoy and speed up the fundraising process.

Sell stuff on TradeMe, do odd jobs for people, run fundraising events, bake cupcakes, ask friends and family for support…do whatever it takes! Set your sights on Outward Bound and do it!

Jess Sowersby

Consider your timeframe

The longer you have to fundraise, the better. That way, you can watch your money slowly build up from a combination of sources. But if your course is looming or work/family life doesn’t allow you much time, consider one or two big-hitting fundraising activities such as a movie screening or quiz night.

fundraising idea

Simple ideas like selling goodies make a big difference

Ask your community

Contact local service groups

Did you know there are over 500 community groups in New Zealand? Many of them have supported thousands of Outward Bound participants of all ages over the last 50 years. We encourage you to get in touch with your local Rotary, Lions or RSA clubs as a starting point.

Check out our letter templates and advice.

It’s worth noting that community groups don’t just support teenagers. If you can show how sponsorship towards an OB course would benefit you in the long term and your community, you have a great case to make.

Ask your employer

Many employers support their staff with a significant contribution to their Outward Bound course. When asking for a helping hand, explain how your course will benefit you at work and improve your skills.

Get in touch with our friendly team here and they'll provide you with the relevant tools to help build your case.

How Outward Bound might be able to help

Provided you can show 100% effort has gone into your fundraising* and you’ve made the maximum personal contribution possible, Outward Bound can top up any shortfall in your course fees.

Our funding top up is open to all New Zealanders, regardless of age, circumstance or where you live in Aotearoa.

Don't forget to let us know if you choose to fundraise or would like to set up a payment plan. Get in touch on 0800 688 927 or email

* Use your Fundraising Activity Log to show us your activities. This must include evidence you have contacted your local Lions and Rotary Clubs.

How the fundraising process works

Find out how it's done - alumni stories

Having finished three years of study, Rosie wasn't in a position to pay for her Outward Bound course upfront. Instead, she chose to fundraise. Get inspired and watch Rosie's video of how she made her Outward Bound adventure happen.

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