Post Course

Just finished your OB course? Congratulations! You're now part of a prestigious group of over 70,000 OB alumni who have undertaken the life-changing journey to Anakiwa.

No doubt you're enjoying seeing family again and relishing in life's luxuries like sleep-ins and dry shoes! It's pretty sweet isn't it?

However, completing your OB course is just the beginning of your development journey. The values you learn at Outward Bound will remain with you for life. Keeping those values front of mind in every day life can be challenging. We've come up with a few tools to make it easier. Read on!

For you

Post Course Coaching

Life get's busy doesn't it? And before long you might find yourself struggling to keep focused, motivated and disciplined with your OB goals. If you think you need some support to keep on track then check out OB Post Course Coaching with past instructor and super-cool wahine Paula Popenhagen.

Paula's coaching sessions build on your personal goals set during your course. The coaching provides a safe, non-judgemental space to review and analyse views, values and experiences with the aim to help you to continue implementing goals identified in your own environments. 

Paula has post-graduate training in Motivation and Behavioral Change and has a special interest in strengths-based and solution focused conversations. She trained and worked as an Occupational Therapist across both physical health and mental health sectors before coming to Outward Bound as an instructor from 2015 - 2018.

Find more information and book coaching sessions here

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For your community

Be Collective

We're excited to be partnering with Be Collective, a social platform that provides everyone with an opportunity to engage in social good in their community – which, as you know, is one of OB's core values – to give back.

Be Collective also allows individuals to capture their contribution and involvement in the community by compiling their very own Social Resume.

It’s a verified resource which flags the vital soft skills associated with volunteering and development experiences. More and more employers are looking for candidates who have volunteering history which demonstrates real-life experience and transferable skills for the workplace.

After you've completed an OB course, you'll receive an invitation from Be Collective to activate your account. From there you can fill out your personal profile.

Your OB course will be loaded on there for you showing the unique skills you have acquired. You’ll also be able to access a database of nationwide volunteering opportunities.

Sound good? We think so too!

View a sample Social Resume here

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For work

Put OB On Your CV

If you’ve been on Outward Bound, but you haven’t put it on your CV, then you might be missing a trick in differentiating yourself from your competition in the job market.

That’s what the latest research from the NZAGE suggests. Their research revealed it’s extremely important to continue to be involved in extracurricular activities after high school. They also found employers seek multi-dimensional people who are resilient and adaptable in the ever-changing working environment.

We picked the brains of some of NZ’s largest graduate employers to find what they look for in candidates, watch the video and find out!

Pulling Everything Together 

So you've got your new skills from Outward Bound and a slick Social Resume with Be Collective - now what?

Here are a couple of handy resources to help you compile your new skills into a polished CV and helpful tips to help nail that upcoming job interview! 

CV template

Tips for interviews

OB Champions

OB Champions all over the country are passing on the torch and working hard to make Outward Bound a reality for someone just like you.

And you can do it too. Be a champion for someone else. Someone who feels unsure of their future, or struggles to believe in themselves, but has hope that Outward Bound could change their life.

Sign up for an event or challenge, set up and customise your page, share it with family and friends and start raising funds for OB.

Your donation will help make Outward Bound a reality for someone just like you.

Become an OB Champion

Independent research conducted by Research NZ illustrates the many valuable long-term impacts of an Outward Bound course for the individual, at school, in the workplace and within the community;


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Inspiring Alumni Stories

As you no doubt witnessed from your own watchmates, OB brings out the best in people in many different ways. Our OB alumni are constantly inspiring us with their stories of service and compassion post-course.

Make sure you look out for our ‘Inspiring Alumni’ stories in My Watchmates and consider becoming an OB Champion if providing someone else with the gift of an OB experience is something you’d like to do.


How an Outward Bound Experience Inspired a Lawyer to Partnership

How an Outward Bound Experience Inspired a Lawyer to Partnership

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Life After OB - Keeping the Momentum

Life After OB - Keeping the Momentum

Before Outward Bound I wanted to change. I lacked direction and was in a stressful place. During Outward Bound, I flourished and discovered the ways I wanted to grow. Here's my personal account of OB and my life afterwards. Read more

Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

Wellingtonian Breanna Ward swam the Strait in 7hours 26mins on Saturday 1st December, 2018 to raise funds for the Outward Bound Champion programme. We caught up with Breanna to chat about the swim and what she's planning next. Read more


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