Our Professional Courses are designed to forge a new generation of leaders with the resilience, adaptability, confidence and self awareness that the business world now needs. To do this, we bring along an expert facilitator to help you maximise the impact of your course learnings and assist you in embedding these skills back in your workplace.

A Few of our Experts

Greig with name


Greig's style is engaging and highly inspirational. His focus is on participants not just knowing key skills, but solidifying the best attitudes and approaches for high performance.     
Greig is also lead guide for a 40-day wilderness-based leadership programme, the author of three books on wilderness values and hunting adventures, and writes for NZ Wilderness Magazine and NZ Hunter (as hunter-philosopher!)

Tania with name


Tania’s areas of expertise include team development and group facilitation, leadership development, individual skills coaching, workplace problem solving, strategic HR consultancy, design and development of HR frameworks, employment relations and change management. She's the cream of the crop when it comes to facilitating goal setting, problem solving and team building. Tania says “a passion area of mine is about helping the different generations in the workplace value each other and work effectively together for more productive outcomes.”

Vic with name


Vic comes to Outward Bound with extensive experience facilitating leadership, coaching and mentoring workshops. One of his bigger projects has been working with the NZ Police, developing experiential learning experiences and introducing stress management. Vic is a keen sportsman who has impressively competed in Masters Games, Coast to Coast and Coromandel Classic. And he's not showing any signs of slowing down living by the motto, "you age because you stop playing."

Kathy Tracey bio3

Kathy joined our facilitation team in 2016, she describes the job as a lifelong ambition achieved! Professionally Kathy is a highly qualified executive coach and leadership trainer with over 25 years experience. She owned and operated a successful leadership consultancy company in the Channel Islands for 17 years before selling up and moving back home to Wellington in 2015. Past students have described Kathy as insightful and knowledgeable with a huge sense of fun. Kathy is a keen tramper and loves an adventure especially if it involves travelling to far flung parts of the world. As an ocean rower, she has first hand experience of how physical endurance and building resilience can change your thinking and your life.

Why turn to the experts?

Activities on the Professional courses are simply the vehicle for learning, not the overall focus of the programme. In fact, one of the most important elements of your programme is a series of facilitated review sessions. Participants take time to reflect on their performance and process the days events, guided by their facilitator. With this, and the use of peer feedback, participants are able to assimilate their learning and behaviours back to the workplace.

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Facilitator stories

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Meet our facilitator Kathy Tracey

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