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Support our life-changing work at Anakiwa

Approximately 60% of all people who come to Outward Bound require some form of financial support. Our school at Anakiwa changes lives each day, however the cost of running our operations are far higher than the course fee we charge. We receive no government funding, and therefore rely heavily on the generosity of donors like you.

Whilst the Outward Bound experience is priceless, there is a real cost to running courses at our Anakiwa School. Your legacy will ensure our sustainability and enable us to continue to deliver life-changing programmes.

We know from almost 60 years' of experience that our courses have a life-long impact. Our recent evaluation study of past participants has shown:

  • 98% of alumni say OB helped them to believe in themselves
  • One in three have taken on a leadership role as a result of OB
  • 96% say Outward Bound has had a positive impact on their lives

Your bequest to Outward Bound is the ultimate gift

A little while ago a generous woman named Marjorie made the decision to leave a gift in her will to Outward Bound. This gift enabled a younger woman, Julia - who wouldn’t have otherwise had the means - to attend an Outward Bound course.

You and Marjorie have a lot in common. You both believe in personal development. Just like you, Marjorie was passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. She chose to leave a gift in her will to Outward Bound because Marjorie felt we had an excellent record in assisting in personal growth and development. She wanted to help ensure this work continued.

The generosity of Marjorie has meant a great deal to individuals like Julia, who shared her course experience with us:

Kayakers hug

By leaving a life-changing gift to Outward Bound in your will, you can help more young people like Julia find a positive future through Outward Bound.

Being great doesn’t have to mean coming in first place. Being great can mean picking up someone else when they’re down or offering a helpful hand without acknowledgement. Being great means looking in the mirror and being proud of what you see.

Julia, 21-day Course, Cook Watch 595

The Outward Bound Foundation

Entrusting a gift in your will to Outward Bound ensures that young people, who require financial support, can experience a life changing Outward Bound course.

You expect us to be good stewards of your generosity, we pledge to carry on our tradition of careful and prudent financial management. We have strict adherence to all ethical and legal obligations including charity laws and accounting practices. This is verified each year by independent auditors, and your donation is managed by experienced and independent trustees of the Outward Bound Foundation.

Your gift will truly change the lives of young people like Julia.

David Levene June 2010

Supporting Outward Bound since 1962 as a donor, Trust Director, Foundation Trustee, and as current Patron, has, on reflection, been very satisfying. This involvement has provided the opportunity to help many young people turn their lives around, and go on to achieve greatness in our communities.

Sir David Levene, Patron of the Outward Bound Trust.

Read more about Sir David Levene and his support of Outward Bound.

To find out more about leaving a legacy to Outward Bound in your will, contact Karla Paotonu

0800 688 927 or kpaotonu@outwardbound.co.nz