Anna's Journey Comes to an End - Outward Bound

Anna's Journey Comes to an End


When Anna didn't feel like running, she put her magic pants on. Over the course of her 3,200km journey, it's safe to say Anna needed more motivation than most. That's because she ran every step of her journey from Bluff to Cape Regina. What would compel a person to run an average of 32km a day, every day for almost 6 months? 

Outward Bound, of course. Anna's goal was to fundraise to enable even more young Kiwis to take up the OB challenge. 

Now having worn out four pairs of trainers and completed the equivalent of almost 76 marathons, Anna has waved goodbye to OB and the 'land of the long white cloud'. Along the way, she's become a true leading lady and living legend of Outward Bound. She's currently resting her weary legs on Aussie's northern beaches before jetting back to her London homeland. 

If you missed out on Anna's amazing blog posts, videos and media interviews along her extraordinary journey, the video below condenses Anna's 1,911 miles into a four minute tear jerker.  

Check it out and get ready to feel inspired.

Anna magic pants

Anna's magic pants keep her moving!