From survivor to supporter - Outward Bound

From survivor to supporter


On her own road to recovery, Brenda Ng attended an Aspire Course earlier this year and returned not only with a new found confidence, but an inspirational desire to support others on their journey.

Johnsonville resident Brenda Ng, Scott 633, has returned from Outward Bound with new-found confidence and a renewed commitment to helping others suffering from strokes. 

In 2013, Brenda suffered a ruptured aneurysm followed by a stroke. After spending four months in hospital, she returned home but with only the use of her left arm and minimal use of her right leg. However, she wasn’t about to give up on her dream to attend Outward Bound and in September completed an ‘Aspire’ course, adapted for people with disabilities.


“Outward Bound has given me the confidence that I can do anything. Who would have thought I’d be walking along high ropes - you’ve got to give it a go to know!” she says.  With only the use of one arm, Brenda knew she would never row a boat, but again, that was proved wrong as she explains.

I rowed by myself, pulling my own weight. I had a lightbulb moment on the cutter – the belief I could do anything despite my disability.

On top of dealing with her own recovery, Brenda is now turning her efforts to supporting other stroke survivors. She volunteers at the stroke ward at Kenepuru hospital in Porirua. As well as visiting patients, she has put together a booklet of tips and hints to make their lives easier.

 “For someone who has had a stroke, it’s the little things that make life easier. I make elasticised shoe laces, I show women how to do their bra up, exercises and other life hacks. Coming from someone who has had a stroke and has been through everything they have, is so powerful.”

 Brenda also visits patients at home to give emotional support.

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My stroke was given to me for a good reason – to help others - and it won’t stop me.