Inspiring Alumni: Dianna Smith - Outward Bound

Inspiring Alumni: Dianna Smith

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Twenty-seven-year-old Mum of two, Dianna Smith attributes her decision to follow her dream and open a cake shop in her hometown of Whangamata to the skills she learnt on her OB course.

Kia ora Dianna! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Kia Ora. I live in Whangamata, a small coastal town on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula. Whangamata has a great small community vibe, and people come from near and far in the summer to enjoy our beach! I have two little kiddies with by partner, Chris. Our family love surfing, fishing and bush walks. Life is good at the beach!

When did you attend OB?

I completed a Discovery course in November 2017. My watch was McKenzie 635.

What were the personal highlights of your course? 

The highlight of the course was definitely getting out of my comfort zone. Being an adult, you can get away with lots. You can say “no, I don’t feel comfortable doing that” and you don’t have to! When you’re at OB, you can do things that make you feel uneasy, give help to those who need support, and see how you feel after completing those things. It makes you feel incredibly empowered.

What was it about your OB experience that motivated you to launch Dandelion Cakery?

I gained great confidence and put myself out there to live my dream. It’s a huge thing starting your own business but it’s what I’m passionate about. It’s like serving yourself up on a platter each day for society to pick and analyse where you fit in. OB taught me to value the things in your life with great passion. I have always had a creative mind. I decided to launch a cake shop in the industrial end of our seaside town.

What does a typical week look like for you?

A typical week for me is making handmade doughnuts on a Thursday and Saturday, fulfilling cake orders throughout the week and in between that replenishing the café cabinet. I squeeze in time with my family on my days off. They grow so fast, but they are so supportive of what I do. I hope the little ones can help in the kitchen one day!

How do you continue to incorporate the OB life values into your day to day life?

When times get tough, hectic or stressful, I often remember some of the tools I learnt from Outward Bound. Life is always teaching you lessons. I appreciate what I have every day and have a huge amount of gratitude to my friends and family and the people I meet along the way.


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