Lexi's Ka Mahi Scholarship Journey - Outward Bound

Lexi's Ka Mahi Scholarship Journey

Lexi Kerr applied for a Ka Mahi scholarship to help her get to OB. We caught up with Lexi to see how OB has made an impact on her life and what advice she'd give others wanting to apply for a scholarship.

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Hi Lexi, where do you live and what do you do?
I live in Auckland and I'm studying Fine Arts.
How did you hear about Outward Bound and our scholarship?
I heard from a friend about OB, she did it the year before in the winter and could not speak highly enough about it. She also applied for a scholarship so I looked on the website to see what was available and I applied for a Ka Mahi scholarship for the Classic course.
What were your reasons for applying for a scholarship?
I applied because I needed financial support. At the time I needed a challenge and wanted to grow. I love the outdoors and being in nature but I wanted to learn my own self-worth again and gain self-confidence in my abilities both mentally and physically. I wanted to be able to stand on my own two feet and be my own cheerleader when things get me down. I wanted to reset.
Was it an easy process to apply and get booked on a course?
Yes, it was very easy to apply and get booked on the course. When I had a question or wasn’t sure about something I would ring up and whoever answered were so helpful and kind.
How would you describe the overall OB experience?
Once in a lifetime! Amazing.
What were your highlights?
The sailing was a highlight for me. We were so lucky with the wind so we luckily avoided rowing for long periods of time! My watch was amazing and I learnt so much about sharing jobs and learning from others. Nothing beat dropping anchor on the cutter and lying under the starry night sky, above the sparkling water. A truly magical moment I will never forget.
Any low-lights or challenges?
I can’t say that there were many low-lights for me. There were times when I struggled for sure, the tramping made me realise that I’m slightly afraid of heights but I always learnt from these struggles and my watchmates were always there to lend a hand.
Did you discover anything new or surprising about yourself at OB?
Outward Bound confirmed some things for me; that it’s OK just to be yourself and trust that people will accept you for who you are. Being with my watch also made me realise how much I enjoy working as part of a team.
What learnings and/or goals did you take away from your OB course?
I learnt that there are so many hours in a day and that so much can be achieved if you plan, set your mind to it, and stay true to that plan. Plus, there is always enough time in a day to be outside enjoying nature.
What would you say to someone who’s uncertain about Outward Bound and applying for a scholarship?
I would say ‘Do it’ you definitely won’t regret it. It’s honestly the best thing ever!
What's next for Lexi?
I am completing my degree and enjoying life. Taking everything as it comes. 


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