First time marathoner smashes fundraising goal - Outward Bound

First time marathoner smashes fundraising goal


Aydhen, Batten 629, completed a Professional course in 2017 and was sponsored by his employer, Fisher and Paykel, as part of their leadership programme. Aydhen's OB course had such a profound and positive impact on his life that he signed up to the OB Champion programme to help someone else gain the skills and insights he experienced on his course. He shares with us why his experience motivated him to get involved in the OB Champion programme.

Hi, I'm Aydhen!

I'm a Studio Manager for Fisher & Paykel Appliances. I'm a Kiwi who has been abroad for nearly 20 years and recently returned with my wife to raise our three kids, Aliya 7, Skyla 6 and Cruz 3, and be around our big family. That's me in the picture on the first day of my Outward Bound course!

Could you tell us a bit about your OB experience?

I was chosen by my company to go on Outward Bound which was a real privilege for me. I really wanted to go as I had only heard good things about the course and how it changes so many peoples lives. I loved the solo experience, it was the first time I've really reflected on my life.

The experience has motivated me to think about my first 4 minutes in the morning and my intent for the day, connecting with people and thinking about all the right things to do. What can I do that is going to take me forward, but also help others to move forward to?


Why did you choose to do the Champions programme?

It really struck me when I went on the course that it wasn’t just the course that was great but it was all the people who run it who are great. These amazing people give their life to give back to help others. Me doing something like this is nothing compared to what these people dedicate their life to and I was just so inspired. I hadn’t come across that type of nurturing kindness since I was a kid. I wanted someone else to go on this course and see that there is more in them that they can achieve - lofty goals and also that it doesn’t take much to give back to others.

What did you find was the hardest part of fundraising?

I had to keep encouraging myself to tell people the story of what I was trying to achieve. It was hard to ask for money at first but if people understood what I was trying to do - to give someone a stepping stone, then I was on to a good thing. In the end, raising the funds to my goal of $2500 for me wasn’t that hard at all.

Could you tell us a bit about your chosen OB Champion fundraising event and why you chose it?

I decided to do the Tauranga International Marathon. I chose it as it was something that I had never done - I had done half marathons but not full. I condensed my training into 9 weeks but next time I'll try and do longer so I condition my body better.

How did the event go on the day?

As I condensed my training into 9 weeks I got a couple of injuries, so the month leading up I couldn’t run. I had run 32kms before but I had heard from 32kms to 42kms is pretty tough. But I made it! My wife, mother in law, son Cruz and daughter Skyla were there, and Skyla ran across the line with me - that was very cool. And it felt so awesome to have reached my fundraising goal!

You can be an OB Champion too!

Aydhen helped raise $2557.80 to help another deserving kiwi experience Outward Bound. Be like Aydhen! You too can be an OB Champion and help make OB a reality for someone in need.

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