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Preparing for a big adventure

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Team OB have just set off on their big GODZone adventure – up to seven days of hard mental and physical exertion in a competition designed to push the toughest of men and women to their very limits. However the real adventure started well over 12 months ago for the team, or  one could argue  has been years in the making.

Feb 17 Mount Tapuae o Uenuku feat. L R Craig Tweedie Danny Cartlidge Nick Williamson Brigid Graney 2 Image courtesy Outward Bound 2017

For Nick, Danny, Brigid and Craig preparing for GODZone has been as much a part of the challenge as they’re anticipating from the race. Training for up to 30 hours a week has meant a lot of time away from home, family and friends, not to mention pressure on their bodies and on their gear. And then there’s been information-building, supply testing, skill honing and relationship development to consider. What started out as a thrilling physical test has become a much more significant personal and team building journey for the four team mates.

“On many occasions during my training I’ve wondered – as I’m sure my friends and family have! – ‘why am I doing this?’,” says team member Danny. “I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that there’s something in the Outward Bound Kaupapa that’s driving me.”

Outward Bound’s Kaupapa strives for a heightened sense of compassion, greatness and kaitiakitanga – respect for the interconnectedness of our world. But while taking on the GODZone challenge is helping the team to explore these values within themselves, they have been amazed by the strong evidence of our Kaupapa being alive and well in the people around them. 


“One of our key learnings from this big adventure has been to appreciate the power and support we’ve received from our community,” says Brigid. From gifts of beef jerky and hand-sewn kit bags, to sponsored gear and kind messages from well-wishers – it’s all helped the team with motivation and moral. “I’ve learnt that it’s OK to show your vulnerability – you’ll be surprised by what nuggets of gold come your way to help keep the self-doubt at bay!”

While GODZone is a significantly ‘big’ adventure, it’s worth remembering that any adventure – from the first time you crack 3kms in under 25 minutes, to the moment you realise you’ve conquered one of your greatest fears – is as ‘big’ as it feels to you. 

So, what’s your next big adventure?

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