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Project Refresh Anakiwa - A three month update

Project Refresh

With three months since the launch of Project Refresh Anakiwa we've got some exciting developments to share. Our brand new fleet of waka have arrived, the floating pontoon concept plans have been drawn up and funds raised for Project Refresh Anakiwa have surpassed the $2.5M mark!

Waka ama

Our brand new fleet of waka arrived in Anakiwa last weekend and were welcomed at a blessing and naming ceremony, supported by Te Atiawa Kaumatua Joe Puketapu and representative Larry Riwaka.

The three waka; Kiwa (sea god), Tai Timu (outgoing tide) and Tai Pari (incoming tide) made their long awaited debut into the Queen Charlotte Sounds with their fresh blue and white paint job - as voted for by you!

Members of Waikawa Waka Ama Whanau and Maitahi Outrigger Canoe Club came along to show us the ropes, which meant staff, instructors and members of the community were able to get out on the water and take the waka for a test run.

$90,000 of the funds raised for Project Refresh Anakiwa have been invested on the three six-person waka, paddles, a trailer for transportation and a storage facility which is currently being designed.

Waka ama brings to Outward Bound powerful opportunities to unlock further learning of Māori and Pacific culture with our students. The rituals which are observed as part of each journey will drive further integration of Māoritanga into our courses and our practice.


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Laura checks out the Floating Pontoon plans

We recently caught up with Laura Stuart to fill her in on the Floating Pontoon progress and give her a sneak peak of the concept drawings.

We are delighted to work with Smart Alliances of Blenheim who have created a concept drawing which you can check out below.

Once they have created the working drawings, Maintenance Manager Vic Koller will run a tender process and apply to the Marlborough District Council for resource and building consent. All going to plan we look forward to building the new pontoon at Te Kainga homestead in May/June 2018. TK is an important part of our school in Anakiwa and we are excited that all our students, regardless of ability, will soon be able to safely access this special place.

If you haven't heard Laura's story yet you can have a read here.

Outside fave

Pontoon drawing 2