Sid's Tribute to Cobham 678 - Outward Bound

Sid's Tribute to Cobham 678

Classic alumni Sid Malhi from Auckland blew us away with her ‘tribute to Cobham 678’ video.

If you’ve done a Classic course – this is going to bring back all the feels.

A couple of months ago, I got a scholarship from some of my community work to head to Outward Bound and honestly, I’m still working on how to be a functioning member of society after one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done. I mean people always joke about it but I genuinely didn’t expect a few weeks off the grid in Anakiwa to be so physically, mentally and emotionally challenging and then to change my perspective on life! ✨

Speaking of feels a little different to me now. Life looks like huddling in a sailboat under the Milky Way in the Outer Sounds.

Life looks like the Pelorus with its beachy sandbanks and birds whistling as your mates paddleboard their kayaks backwards down a bunch of rapids.

Life looks like a snowstorm as I summit a mountain peak in the glory of a mid-winter expedition and the fantail that circled me as the borderline hypothermia left my body.

Life looks like Davies Bay where the friend on my right became a safe haven and the one on my left I’m pretty sure put the stars in the sky, or at least I can say he put up mine.

Life is an instructor whose parallels to my own life showed me that choosing a path that’s more personally fulfilling is always on the cards and another who taught me more about myself in one conversation than I’d articulated about myself in years! 

And though I can go on, life is hot chocolate friendships - Good for the winter season and if your lucky, good to hang on to for the rest of your life! ♥️

How freaking lucky am I that that’s my actual life!!!

One night in Deep Creek, I heard this Ziggy Alberts song for the first time. It brought to life an inner dialogue I hadn’t been able to unpack myself and it’s pretty much our group anthem so there was nothing more fitting for a wrap video.

Cobham 678 - this one is for you.

Mā Te Wā!