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What happens after Outward Bound?

Life after OB

Much more than a 3 week adventure, Outward Bound is often the catalyst for life-long change. Read about the changes 22-year old Michaela has introduced to her life following her Classic course. Get ready to feel inspired...

Classic course

A Classic course can be a real kick-starter for change

I had some of the most amazing experiences of my life at Outward Bound.

I embraced the challenge of putting my recently reconstructed knee to the test in the half marathon and tramping for 19 hours. I loved the two day river kayak, jumping into rapids and learning new skills.

Overall it was the people who made every moment memorable. Our watch was a collection of individuals who were quite different in age and personality, but the way in which we bonded is unbelievable. We got on so well, we are going on an adventure to do black water rafting in Waitomo Caves and the Ohope half marathon.


Discovery Masters

Facing your fears is a great way to realise your potential


As Kurt Hahn, founder of Outward Bound, put it: "There is more in you."

At Outward Bound you have no choice other than to embrace this philosophy. Since being back at home, I have tried to live with Hahn's philosophy in mind. I am making the best of every day by waking up every morning at 6am to exercise. I am eating well, recycling better, learning new things all the time and taking time to reflect at the end of each day.

Since coming home I have conquered a 96km mountain bike ride through the Taupo Timber Trails, done a bungee jump, tried wind surfing, wake boarding, surfing, been on a jet ski day trip, spent a weekend tramping, and just this weekend, biked over the Rimutaka rail trail. I have definitely been exploring how much more there is in me.


Like Michaela, take time to reflect after your course and set new goals

Another really important thing I learned about myself is that as I have become older, I have lost sight of a part of me that I really love. I realised at Outward Bound that I need to grab hold of that part of my personality again.

The third most valuable lesson I have taken away from my experience is how much I do not want to live in my comfort zone. I now know that I need to get out and experience as much of the world as I can. I can honestly say that I have come back a changed person.

I feel like I now know myself a lot more. I have a clear mind and a clearer idea of where I need to go next.