Post Course Coaching - Outward Bound

Post Course Coaching

This service will look at developing a coaching relationship once your Outward Bound course is complete, with the intent to help you implement the knowledge and goals identified into your own environments.

Our life coaching will build on your course experience to support and motivate you to realise your core values in your daily life.

These sessions are not currently available for our Adapted course students.

The purpose of post course coaching

This service will replicate one-on-one discussions you may have had with your instructor but they will take place in your own environment, focusing on your own obstacles.

Outward Bound Coaching aims to continue working with students to achieve the following:

  • Provide a safe, non-judgemental space to review and analyse views, values and experiences
  • Increase the relevance of the Outward Bound Kaupapa into students’ lives
  • To personalise messages, themes and concepts learnt at Outward Bound
  • To be a sounding board for life decisions, identifying personal strengths and areas to develop
  • To follow up on commitments made whilst on your Outward Bound course

Pricing and package options

Pay as you go session (1 hour) - $90 

A pay as you go session is a great way to check in, recap on your key OB course personal takeaways or top up with an extra session following a package. The session will be conducted either via phone or Zoom face to face meeting platform.

Package of three sessions (3 x 1 hour) - $250 

A package of three sessions secures you a process orientated approach to your coaching. You and your coach can discuss and set goals or concepts that will be revisited during the next session. There is no time limit to using your three sessions. The sessions will be conducted either via phone or Zoom face to face meeting platform.

Coaching for Teen & Adult Students

With a passion for people and their growth, Anna Li trained as an Occupational Therapist and worked primarily in the mental health sector with diverse ranges of age and ability.

She then instructed at both Outward Bound NZ and Outward Bound Canada for five years. It was a privilege for her to support students in their challenge zone, witness them increase self-awareness and further clarify their 'true north'.  

An ex-Outward Bound student herself, Anna understands the challenges and power of transferring course learning into life back home. Anna is trained in strengths and solutions focused practice. She has also facilitated professional workshops on coaching and challenging communication in the workplace. And now, with these perspectives, she is excited to support alumni in finding ways to make real and lasting changes for themselves, their communities and the world.

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Coaching for OB Professional Students

All Professional and Women in Leadership course participants receive one post-course coaching session inclusive of their course fee.

To access your coaching session, please book a session with Anna after completing your Outward Bound course.


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Testimonials for Anna

The biggest challenge people face is after OB, following through with changes and best intentions once reality hits. The coaching sessions are a really good way to bridge this return into reality and keep the experience alive longer, allowing a better chance of success in the changes and challenges they face.

Ruby Evenstar, Masters Course


It made me think more deeply and constructively about what lessons I wanted to take from OB, and how the insights could cross over into my life at home. Without the coaching sessions I would not have managed to set up concrete plans for how I was going to bring the lessons into my life.

Hayley Bennett, Masters Course


I feel like Anna really understood me just from what I described, and skillfully analyzed the deeper meanings behind my feelings and actions and then presented it back to me in a more meaningful way that I can now make sense of.

Sarah, Professional Course


"Anna's Outward Bound Post Coaching sessions are highly valuable. She gives positive solutions and tools for changing and keeping up the post OB momentum.

During an OB course the inner fight of the good verse bad wolf was intensified and more evident in situations that challenged me. Whilst I was conscious of the wolf battle, it wasn't until OB and the post course session's that it was more negative than I perceived.

With the help of an OB course and Anna's guidance, I'm slowly changing my neural pathways/rewiring the way I think, changing ingrained habits, having motivation to do things that challenge me, backing myself more side stepping challenges and winging life less, being humble and hustling more. Being less critical, reducing the fear of failure, making more mistakes, growing and learning. 

Without OB and Anna's support, I'll still be heading south, and not finding my true north. I'm becoming more and more my true self, standing up for my self more and doing what I want, which is tough at times, procrastinating less and shifting the compass needle to north. Remembering "there is more in you than you think". I definitely advocate for the OB Post Course Coaching sessions."

Classic Course student 


Want to find out more before you book?

If you're not quite ready to book and would like to find out more about the life coaching sessions, you can email Anna with any questions you might have.