Mind Body Soul and gratitude - Outward Bound

Mind Body Soul and gratitude

Cameron shares gratitude for his Mind Body Soul course.

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Each month we receive letters of thanks and gratitude from Outward Bound alumni. Here's one from Cameron, who attended a Mind Body Soul Course thanks to a kind sponsor. In his own words....

Dear Sponsor

I can’t convey in words how grateful I am for the opportunity to attend Outward Bound. I have learned many things, had some incredible experiences, and have grown in my identity.

When I arrived I thought I was pretty good. But I have learned humility. I have been able to work with new people who have both lifted me up and tested me. Between service and teamwork exercises, I’ve learned to see people’s strengths and to trust in them. My newfound humility will carry me forward, at school and in my community.

Equally, as I learn about the glory of strangers, I have found strength in myself. I have been stretched – physically, emotionally and socially, and I have met every challenge. I set out on this journey to define new limits, and thus far I have discovered that I have none!

And between strengths I have seen beauty. I’ve climbed mountains, sailed glorious seas, drunk from rivers, heard incredible native birds, and have dolphins swim so close I could have touched them. I never realised just how beautiful New Zealand is.


Thank you do very much,


Cameron Arps

Cameron's Course Photo

Cameron's Course Photo