Tales of Outward Bound, from 1964 to today - Outward Bound

Tales of Outward Bound, from 1964 to today

My Course, Life after OB

"As we sat down to an elaborate Christmas dinner – with arguably the best pavlova to have met with my taste buds – my friend’s father Mr Hutchinson Senior, aka Doug, started reminiscing about his past adventures as an instructor at Outward Bound. I had never heard of this life changing course and so, like a child hanging onto every word of their bedtime story, I was hooked."

After becoming inspired by ex-instructor Doug Hutchinson's tales of his time as an instructor in 1964, Serpil decided to dig a little deeper into the history of Outward Bound and how the school operates today. She went on to interview school Director Simon Graney and recent student, 18 year old Amy.

"From an idea that had seeded in Doug’s lounge room, my audio story had germinated to a fully-fledged story," says Serpil. The result is a dynamic and engaging account of Outward Bound NZ from the early 60's to now, from varying perspectives.

I followed the stories into wormholes, over mountains, through the mud and under the water. The result is four great tales woven into one.

Serpil, Director and Content Writer | Written & Recorded


While developing the story, Serpil blogged about the making of 'The Story of Outward Bound in Anakiwa.' You can read the blog here, or hear more stories from Written & Recorded here.

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