Wills Month in Aotearoa New Zealand - Outward Bound

Wills Month in Aotearoa New Zealand

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September is Wills Month in Aotearoa and serves as a good reminder of the importance of having a Will and updating it regularly. This month, we would love for you to consider including a gift in your will to Outward Bound.

A gift left in your Will may be the most transformational gift you are ever able to make, giving you the ability to change young people’s lives and empower the next generation of Outward Bound alumni, well beyond your lifetime.

Through a gift in your Will to Outward Bound, you will touch the lives of young New Zealanders who face difficulties and challenges every day. You will help them to set a new path for their future that is filled with promise and give them an experience they will look back on with pride.

The preparation of a Will brings peace of mind, knowing that your affairs are in order and that the people and causes you care about are provided for as you intend.

Whatever your situation, you will be making a difference. Your support could transform lives well into the future without affecting your current financial needs.

Did you know that you can leave even 1% to Outward Bound in your will, so that your loved ones will inherit 99%?

Why Choose Outward Bound for Your Bequest?

With a legacy spanning back to 1962, Outward Bound New Zealand has welcomed over 60,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds to Anakiwa. Our courses focus on building transferrable skills and attributes that remain far beyond a student’s time with us. The lessons learned at Outward Bound are applicable to work, study, and home – and they last a lifetime.

New Zealanders need Outward Bound now more than ever. We feel a sense of urgency to play our part in contributing to positive change for our young people. We believe it is our duty to reach as many New Zealanders as we can, enabling them with the skills needed to thrive in and navigate this challenging and changing world.

Gifts in Wills left to Outward Bound from people like you, reading this now, are essential to making this a reality.

The truth is, without growing our Foundation through gifts in Wills left to Outward Bound, we would not be able to reach the majority of our students each year. Our Foundation supports hundreds of students every year and is there to do so in perpetuity. Gifts left in Wills left to Outward Bound are invested into our Foundation, the interest earned each year is what allows us to offer scholarships.

Without scholarships, over 70% of our students each year would miss out on the Outward Bound experience. That’s 1260 students who would have missed out in 2022 alone.

A gift in your Will could make a monumental difference in the life of even one of these students - creating a ripple effect throughout their family and community for generations to come.

Your Legacy, Our Future

If you leave a gift to Outward Bound, you can rest assured we will be a careful steward of your generosity. Your bequest will be managed by the Outward Bound Foundation of New Zealand.

Some people believe that smaller gifts left in Wills don’t make a difference, but this is simply not true. Gifts of all sizes make a monumental difference to Outward Bound and the people we strive to serve. Leaving even 1% to Outward Bound NZ in your Will means young people like Te Wai will get to experience Outward Bound in the future:

“Outward Bound has shown me time and time again that my potential exceeds my own preconceived limits. Through Outward Bound, and thanks to this scholarship from the Foundation, I am inspired and motivated to keep growing and keep serving. My gratitude is impossible to measure, but my motivation to continue this legacy can hopefully provide some indication.” – Te Wai Ariki, Course 674 Huria watch.

For even just one student like Te Wai, a gift left in a Will to Outward Bound is enough to transform an entire life and future.

Leaving a gift

Thank you for considering an intergenerational gift that will provide the life-changing experience of Outward Bound for future generations of young people throughout New Zealand. We are truly humbled by your support.

If you would like some more information on leaving a gift in your Will to Outward Bound or if you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, now or in the future, please get in touch with Georgia at gardillwalker@outwardbound.co.nz

Your Will is a very personal document and you’re under no obligation to let us know if you’ve included a gift to us. However, if you have made provision in your Will for Outward Bound, or are planning to do so, it would be wonderful if you did let us know so that we can thank you for your generosity.


Find more information and request a free bequest pack here.