Leaps & Bounds

For caregiver & teen Duration 8 days

The ultimate shared adventure for a parent/caregiver and their teenager (13 - 15 years). Learn about yourself and each other in a challenging but supportive environment. Form a relationship that is real, open, honest, and based on respect, while sharing the experience with other adults and teenagers in your group.

It’s challenging to find the opportunities and language to relate to a teenager. Outward Bound provided my daughter and I with a ‘gift’ of experience and stories that we now share. I not only created a stronger connection with Emma but also found the incentive to keep pushing hard for the things that matter in my life.

Mike and Emma



Bookings & Fees

* Only one booking is required per couple - Please book using the adult's details. *

14 Apr 2021 – 21 Apr 2021

$5,360 (incl. GST)

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25 Apr 2021 – 2 May 2021

$5,360 (incl. GST)

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7 Jul 2021 – 14 Jul 2021

$5,360 (incl. GST)

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18 Jul 2021 – 25 Jul 2021

$5,360 (incl. GST)

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29 Sep 2021 – 6 Oct 2021

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10 Oct 2021 – 17 Oct 2021

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You'll take on eight days of outdoor adventure together, spending your time at the school in Anakiwa, and out amongst the bush, mountains and waterways of the Marlborough Sounds. Activities can include tramping, camping, sea journeys, water challenges, and height activities. Not only will you be working with each other, you'll team up alongside up to six other caregiver & teen duos and two expert instructors, all bringing their own mix of stories and personalities!







Leaps & Bounds is the ultimate bonding experience. You'll learn more about each other and your relationship, as you problem solve and over come challenges together.

Key outcomes include:

  • Develop an understanding of each other’s strengths and capabilities
  • Gain trust, respect and a more meaningful connection with each other
  • Experience working in a partnership and as part of a wider team  
  • Push your own self-imposed boundaries and support your teen as they push theirs
  • A better understanding and appreciation for the outdoors.



What you'll need

When you come to Outward Bound, there are items that you will need to bring with you and items that we will supply. As for the things that you need to bring - we encourage you to borrow as many items as you can, or buy second hand!

Check out our course gear list for a full run down and some hot tips on what to bring and what not to.

Gear list


Leaps and Bounds on Seven Sharp


TVNZ1's Seven Sharp visited Outward Bound's week-long Leaps and Bounds course in the Marlborough Sounds for parents and teens.

Putting work into the parent-teen relationship, and being conscious about how you want it to be and how you want it to progress for the rest of your life is incredibly important. 

Simon Graney, Outward Bound School Director



Some of our commonly asked questions answered...

Ideally, you should be the participant's parent, guardian or main caregiver. If not, you should play a major role in the teen's day-to-day life.

Having this strong relationship will ensure you both take away even more from your shared experience.

Yes, the course fee is per participant. The total cost for both parent and teen is therefore two times the course fee, which is an all-inclusive price from the moment you arrive.

Yes, both the parent/caregiver and teen should meet our standard fitness requirements. You should both be able to fast walk or run 3km in under 25 minutes and complete a full day of activity.

Check out our guide to getting fit and healthy for Outward Bound.

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Course Stories

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Mike and his 14-year-old daughter Emma embarked on the Outward Bound course for parents and teens.

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