Women in Leadership

For current and aspiring female leaders Duration 5 days

Our Women in Leadership course is an adaptation of our Professional course, tailored to help current or aspiring female leaders increase their awareness of who they are, what they value and how they can extend their impact within organisations.

You’ll feel a genuine sense of responsibility over some high pressure situations. Your facilitator will then work with you to review the experience and help you transfer your learning back to the workplace.

On top of building your personal courage and confidence, you'll increase your understanding of your own perceived limitations and learn strategies to break through these perceptions. You'll also learn to identify your core strengths and ways to apply these in a leadership role, all within a safe and supportive learning environment alongside other like minded female leaders.

I honestly think I am living potential I previously didn’t believe I had. I am open with others, listen more, know how to extend my influence and I regularly step into areas that are a challenge for me.

Jennifer, Kiwibank

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5 Mar 2018 – 9 Mar 2018

$3,950 (pp incl GST)

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Course Stories

Hear from people who completed a similar course
Lawyer, Lisa Brown did our Women in Leadership course last year.

She says "Outward Bound gave me the confidence to take risks and believe in my abilities.  I valued the 360 degree feedback from my peers and colleagues who also attended – and the opportunities to watch other women lead in a different style from me."

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Break the Barrier

Whatever your personal barrier, we'll give you all the advice you need to begin your adventure.

David made space in his working commitments to get to OB. Find out how.

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Some of our commonly asked questions answered...

Research has proven that men and women are equally capable of effective leadership but take a different approach to promoting and maximising their unique strengths and talents. Our Women in Leadership course has components of our Professional course tailored specially for women, while providing a safe and supportive learning environment alongside other like minded female leaders.

The minimum fitness requirement is to be able to either run or fast walk 3km in under 25 minutes. You do not have to be an experienced runner and will be supported by your peers and instructors during all activities. Running is only a small part of the programme.

Please note - this is for Professional, Women in Leadership and Wellbeing courses only.

You need to be able to swim and/or paddle in deep water and be comfortable with putting your head under water. During water based activities, you will be wearing a lifejacket.

No. All participants are required to meet the medical and physical requirements for the course, but there is no specific age limit.

Please note - this is for Professional, Women in Leadership and Wellbeing courses only.

Activities on the Professional courses are simply the vehicle for learning, not the overall focus of the programme. In fact one of the most important elements of your programme is a series of facilitated review sessions. Participants take time to reflect on their performance and process the days events, guided by their facilitator. With this, and the use of peer feedback, participants are able to assimilate their learning and behaviours back to the workplace.

Yes we can help you build a training case to present to your manager to show them the value of an Outward Bound course.

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