Have you got OB on your CV? - Outward Bound

Have you got OB on your CV?

Life after OB

If you’ve been on Outward Bound, but you haven’t put it on your CV, then you might be missing a trick in differentiating yourself from your competition in the job market.

That’s what the latest research from the NZAGE suggests. Their research revealed it’s extremely important to continue to be involved in extracurricular activities after high school. They also found employers seek multi-dimensional people who are resilient and adaptable in the ever-changing working environment.

To find out how Outward Bound relates to these findings we went straight to the horse’s mouth at the recent NZAGE summit in Auckland. With some of the country’s biggest graduate employers in attendance at the summit, we grabbed the opportunity to pick their brains about what they look for in candidates, why OB is great on a CV and their best piece of advice for grads seeking employment.


Liza Fraser from Auckland Council talks about what they're looking for in new graduates:

Auckland Council's vision is to create the world's most liveable city. It's bold, it's exciting, it's happening, and it's all down to their people.Visit the Auckland Council Graduate website here.

Aron Chantelau -from Assurity Consulting gives his insights into what makes a great graduate: 

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