Ten reasons to go Outward Bound in winter - Outward Bound

Ten reasons to go Outward Bound in winter

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Crisp, sunny mornings, sensational wildlife and peaceful reflection. Read on to find out why the June-September months at Anakiwa are some of the best...

Snow at Anakiwa

Snow at Anakiwa

Morning mist at Anakiwa

A winter morning mist on the jetty

  1. A winter course is the true OB experience…more confronting, more opportunities to prove “there is more in you”
  2. Winter in the city getting you down? Challenge the blues with something positive, proactive and energising
  3. Marlborough has some pretty amazing weather in the winter – lots of beautiful crisp mornings and sunny, cloudless days
  4. Matariki is a time of reflection, regeneration, goal setting – and the stars are pretty amazing at night under a clear Marlborough sky
  5. More time for resting! You can snuggle in the warmth of a toasty sleeping bag, with the sounds of the night lulling you to sleep
  6. Heaps more wildlife in winter - Seals, Dolphins, sea birds, all come closer to Anakiwa during the cooler months
  7. Beautifully peaceful – no other tourists to cramp your style!
  8. Easier to find a date that suits you – our courses are often booked out over summer
  9. Our participants really love our winter courses. We consistently see high results during the winter months. There’s just something about the challenge that leads you on to truly great things.
  10. Fiji is no good at this time of year anyway! And you never get to play in the snow in Fiji…
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For Ages 18-26

Duration 21 days

The Classic course gives you the focus and perspective to decide on your future direction.

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