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Employees return from Outward Bound with high levels of initiative and confidence. They tend to make decisions faster and communicate much more extensively with people in the business.

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About Custom Design

As part of a Custom Design programme, we will work in partnership with you to design an experience to suit your organisation's needs. Your programme will be tailored to address your challenges and align with your values.

Whether you're looking to instil confidence in your apprentices and graduates, build teamwork within a newly-formed group or develop influencing skills in middle management, a Custom Design programme can deliver a whole host of outcomes.

The results of an Outward Bound programme are enduring. From increasing retention and loyalty to accelerating career progression, an Outward Bound Custom Design programme can support long-term business change as well as short-term results.

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Some of our commonly asked questions answered...

Outward Bound programmes are all-inclusive from the moment you arrive.

Our price includes all food, accommodation, full-time instruction and specialist equipment. The vast majority of our custom programmes also include a facilitator to help you to transfer and embed your group's learning.

Activities on an Outward Bound experience are simply the vehicle for learning, not the overall focus of the programme. In fact, one of the most important elements of your programme is a series of facilitated review sessions.

Participants take time to reflect on their performance and process the day's events, guided by their facilitator. With this, and the use of peer feedback, participants are able to assimilate their learning and behaviours back to the workplace.

We'll undertake a learning needs analysis to understand your business landscape. We'll look at your overall organisational goals, values and your learning and development priorities.

From there, we'll formulate your learning outcomes and devise a draft programme for your review.

Like you, we want to ensure participants make the most of this development opportunity. Spending time away from the office, and its daily demands, ensures participants can be completely immersed in this life-changing experience.

Outward Bound is a long-term investment that delivers both immediate and long-term business benefits. Our clients confirm that it's more than worth the travel to Anakiwa and the time out of work.

Outward Bound is the leading outdoor learning and development provider. We aspire to make our programmes as genuinely adventurous as possible in order for participants to gain maximum benefit.

To support this aspiration, we have robust systems of safety and risk management in place. From internal and external safety audits to a dedicated advisory committee, we believe we have the right measures in place to assure the safety of your group.

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